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London Lifehacks: Getting More for Less in the Capital

London is a great place to live. Unfortunately, it’s also an exhausting and expensive one. Once the initial novelty has worn off, it’s easy to find yourself too tired after a working day to take advantage of the restaurants, theatres, clubs and bars that make London a unique and wonderful place to live!

Today we’re looking at some of the lifehacks Londoners use to make money and time go further, and make the most of living in this exciting global city.

Join a Club!

You can often make life’s essential luxuries more affordable with a membership or subscription – these are also a good idea to put on a Christmas or Birthday list so more moneyed relatives can help contribute to your London life right through the year.

Joining the Picturehoue Central cinema gets you free and cheap tickets at cinemas across the city, as well as access to the members bar, cutting your costs and getting you the heady taste of exclusivity in a bar overlooking Piccadilly.

If beauty is more your area, then a membership to Skinsmith’s Skin Clinic London could be just what you do. A membership to one of their specialist aestheticians means a preferential pricing, the being able to spread the cost of your treatments, and a personalised treatment plan that gets your face exactly what it needs to keep your skin in peak condition.

Find Free Things

Free events are more common and widespread than you thought, and they can bring the city alive in a completely new way! Museums and galleries open late on Friday nights, allowing you access long into the evening after work. It’s a chance to catch up on culture without having to make a trip out into the crowds on a Saturday, and save money!

Transport Tips

Are you getting your railcard discount attached to your Oyster Card? Student railcards are the most well know discount travel card but there are lots available – for under 25 year olds, for couples, and the ‘Network Railcard’ which anyone can buy and which offers a substantial discount on travel across the southeast.

You can add these discounts to your oyster to make sure you’re reaping the benefits every time you travel! Just pop into a manned station with your rail card, Oyster Card and proof of ID and make sure you don’t miss out on a saving!