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Moving to Bristol? Rent a Serviced Apartment to Test the Water

Whether you’re moving to Bristol from another city in the UK or from the other side of the world, it can be strange to settle into a new place. Before you make the commitment of signing papers, you might want to spend some time in the city. Here are just a few reasons why you should rent a serviced apartment for that purpose.

Perfect for Longer Stays

Most people visit a city they’re thinking of living in for two main reasons: to explore the area and look at potential properties. It’s easier to accomplish both tasks when you’re able to stay longer. Unfortunately, most accommodation options don’t offer very good deals for longer stays. In contrast, serviced apartments are built around letting people stay longer, so you’ll find your visit becoming less expensive the longer you stay put.

Feels More Like a Home

If you’re testing out how a city feels, you should be staying somewhere that seems more like a proper home. If you don’t, you’ll simply feel like you’re on holiday, and it’s hard to get into the headspace of being at home if you’re stuck in a hotel room all day. Serviced apartments are perfect because they provide spaces that feel more welcoming.

Puts You in Prime Position

How can you know how it feels to be part of a certain city if you’re stuck in some hotel on the outskirts of the city? Instead, why not take a serviced apartment instead? Unlike hotels, serviced apartments are usually converted from older properties, which is why they tend to look just like period residences from the outside. You’ll find such homes located right near the centre of the city, making it easy to get around and feel part of the area.

Ideal for Families

If you’re moving to Bristol by yourself, this doesn’t apply to you, but many people making the move will be going as a couple or family. Staying in a hotel or bed & breakfast can be a little trying when there’s a group of you. Serviced apartments suit families far better.