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Pack Smart With The Essential Packing Guide For 3 Months Of Travelling.

The Essential Packing Guide For 3 Months of Travel

With the world slowly getting back on track and moving towards what we are calling the new normal, we can once again set our sights on traveling. The last few months of lockdown have given plenty of opportunities to think about and plan your next big trip, must-visit destinations, and bucket list experiences. With so many destinations opening their doors to tourism again, it could take a while to complete all the activities you may have planned. Long-term travel is a brilliant way to explore new places without the worry of running out of time. If you are planning a 3-month travel adventure, then this is the only packing list you will need! 

 Listing everything you will need on your trip would require a long list, but these essential items and travel and packing trips will see you making the most of your time on the road.

1. Luggage

Three months of traveling will be hard on your luggage, on and off planes, trains, and any other type of transport is going to test your bags to the limit. To avoid frustration on your journey, opt for something that can withstand all the challenges you will give it. How you plan on getting around and where you plan on staying are two factors that will influence your luggage choice. Whatever you choose, make sure it is lightweight, comfortable, and hard-wearing. Remember to check what you can take on board your flight, and any weight restrictions before you travel!

2. Water Bottle

Traveling in warmer climates will mean your body will be reliant on a plentiful amount of water and dehydration. To avoid this from happening, make sure you have your own water bottle. Furthermore, you can also stick custom-made hydro flask stickers with your name to make it even more beautiful and also avoid any confusion with other bottles with the same design.

3. Clothing

Clothing choice is crucial when you are traveling, you need to be sure to cover all bases, this includes comfy shoes, waterproof clothing, something for the hot weather, and plenty of underwear! Be mindful when picking outfits as space is scarce, the more you pack, the more you have to carry with you. If you are traveling with friends, you may want to unite your group. If you like to have something physical to remember your trip, whatever your motivations, a piece of personalised clothing from Banana Moon can make this a reality for you.

4. Passport & All Documentation

Make sure your passport is valid and in-date, and you have all the necessary paperwork and visas for your trip. Don’t let these things ruin your plan before you have even taken off! If your trip involves crossing borders, you will need identification. Having a way to keep your important stuff all together in one location, like in a passport wallet, is a great time saver, helping reduce the risk of misplacing something along the way.

5. Preparing Your Home

Before you make your way to the airport to board the plane headed for adventure, you need to make a few arrangements, especially if you own your own home. Security is essential, be sure to check your doors and windows are secure. If you have blinds closing them before you leave will deter any prying eyes. Make sure any valuables are in a safe location and kept is well out of sight. If you have friends or family who live close, entrusting them with a spare key means they can call in to give things the once over if you need to take extra precautions. If you are looking for that extra peace of mind, a smart CCTV camera enables you to check in on your home on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.