Hotels and Accommodations

Planning a sustainable trip to Bristol

  1. Stay in serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are a great choice for the eco-conscious, because they come fully fitted with a kitchen. This means you can buy your own food ad sustainable shops and markets in the city and cook your own food.

With serviced apartments, you also have the choice of bringing your own eco-friendly towels and such so that you don’t need to use any products that are unsustainable.

For example, Beech House apartments in Clifton are the perfect choice for a trip to Bristol.

  1. Eat out/shop at green places

There are many sustainable stores in Bristol including grocers and butchers, for all your food needs, as well as cafes and restaurants that prize themselves on being sustainable.

  1. Limit the shopping

There are many second hand shops around Bristol that offer you a sustainable shopping experience. Some of these are the kinds of places you could spend hours in too.

Some of the great vintage shops include: Loot, City Centre; Dutty, Stokes Croft; RePsycho, Gloucester Road; and Thrift, Park Street.

  1. Enjoy the historical and cultural aspects

There is so much to do in Bristol that doesn’t require spending any money at all or having an impact on the environment around you. You may choose to visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge, have a wander around the harbourside or enjoy any of the hundreds of wonderful attractions in the city.

  1. Stick to walking!

Whilst there are many buses that occupy the roads of Bristol, you can get to most places on foot.  Most places are reachable on foot if you have the day to get around but some places may be easier to reach by bus.