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Relationships and the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Many institutions forming part of the establishment in particular feel threatened by movements such as the digital nomad lifestyle, where what was just another member of society decides to go against the grain and do many of the things forming part of everyday life a little differently. Who is going to buy those once-in-a-lifetime wedding gowns if more and more people are choosing to live a life on the road, with something like marriage probably making for the last thing on their minds?

Who is going to lease entire office blocks to house their growing in-house staff if more and more workers are putting pressure on their traditional employers to let them work remotely, while some are going completely independent and choosing to rely on short-term contracts for their income?

The growing prevalence of the digital nomad lifestyle shouldn’t be a threat to any positive aspect of life though and if anything some normalisation seems to be taking place in any case. Granted, some traditional institutions forming part of the establishment might perhaps need to switch things up with regards to the way they do things, but that’s just it – there’s a need for some change and it doesn’t mean entire industries are going to come crashing down.

Many digital nomads I’ve crossed paths with would have probably not embraced what they believe to be the over-commercialised institution of marriage in any case, even if they didn’t give themselves up to a life on the road.

I suppose this brings into view the main topic of this post, which is the perception around the effects of the digital nomad lifestyle to relationships. It’s naturally not a very positive perception, because most people who identify as digital nomads depict a life of prolonged solo travel, which naturally plays out in an environment which isn’t all too conducive for the so-called American Dream. Just how many digital nomads roll as an entire family of a married couple, 2.5 kids  a loyal family pet?

For all that seems apparent with regards to the effects of the digital nomad lifestyle to lasting and stable relationships though, there’s a whole lot more which people who view it at surface-level aren’t aware of. I know so many digital nomad couples that at times if you’re rolling solo you feel kind of left out and they have the most beautiful, profound and meaningful relationships I have knowledge of, something which I attribute to the fact that at some point in your life as a digital nomad you cut out all the BS and decide to just keep things real!

Relationships can flourish regardless of the fact that one or both partners choose to live the digital nomad lifestyle. Things normalise rather quickly though with the regular issues couples have flaring up, so much so that industries such as the legal field are coming on board. I mean you can head on over to to do some or all of the paperwork related to a divorce for example, which is an indication of the underlying issues that affect all relationships and not just those involving digital nomads.