Remembering Your Loved One’s Special Occasions While You’re Abroad

The mind can work to your detriment at times, not so? In my specific case it plays all sorts of tricks on me at the height of a trip in that I walk right past the duty-free shopping malls at airports on the premise that they sell useless stuff I’d really have no use for, no matter how hard I tried. Well, there was one occasion on which I bought what turned out to be the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted in my entire life, leaving me feeling like a naughty schoolboy because of how big it was and just how much of it I went on to eat in one go.

Anyway, apart from that dangerously delicious chocolate pyramid (yes, it was shaped like a pyramid), all they really sell are cigarettes and fragrances and stuff. Sure, it’s duty-free, but is there any real use for it?

In the moment I see absolutely no use, but the tricks my mind plays on me have me ruing the missed opportunities I perhaps had to stock up on some items which people popularly like as gifts, to be sent by international airmail I guess. It’s always a bit of a back-and-forth scenario, a lot of which has to do with the fact that I like to travel so light that I just carry a back-pack, which goes into the cabin with me as carry-on luggage. I never check a bag in so I wouldn’t have any space to put those items in any case, especially since they’d perhaps just be waiting around for the special occasions of my loved ones to come around, after which time I can then send them.

Otherwise I guess this discussion brings to light a very important issue which I’m yet to fully master, which is indeed that of staying on top of the dates of the special occasions of one’s loved ones.

When you’re trying to organise the very dynamic aspects of something like a spontaneous backpacking adventure, the dates which are most important to you are those which have something to do with the expiration of your visa, how much ‘capital’ you have before you run out of money, etc.

It’s not that difficult though. I mean that’s why Facebook is there, isn’t it? I don’t even bother with too much in the way of extravagance and everybody who knows me knows that I kind of despise duty-free shopping malls. If anyone is going to pin the authenticity of our relationship on my memory of their birthdays while I’m away somewhere then they’re just setting themselves up for disappointment.

I do make an effort whenever I can though, such as having small thank you gifts sent out, which don’t necessarily come from wherever in the world I may be at the time. I can just jump online for example and have a gift sent through from Broadway Basketeers. In any case, that’s probably where I’d buy the gifts if I was back home or closer to home.

Otherwise just set reminders and you’ll have no problem remembering special dates and making plans for their celebration, as best you can of course.