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Renting a Car in Europe

It might seem crazy to plan a car rental trip to Europe, but it’s actually a wonderful way to see the world and enjoy an incredible variety of cultures and environments. Many people seem intimidated by cars or decide to leave the car behind. With a rental car, though, you’ll never have a sense of fear on the road again. Click here for some pre-planning with regards to “last minute” gift ideas to look out for, while you’re out on the road. A Tee Rex Tee is a good place to start by way of ideas.

European Rentals Aren’t Like What You’re Used To

Unlike the U.S. rental car industry, European cars are much more expensive. In addition, many Europeans don’t rent their vehicles. Instead, they hire car services that bring a car from the parking lot directly to their doorstep. European rentals aren’t like what you’re used to, so your budget might dictate a rental car in Europe.

The Insurance, Car Insurance, and Title Insurance Cost

European rental cars, if within Europe’s bounds, tend to be covered by an insurance company, like one sure insurance or similar others. After you pay for the car insurance, there is car insurance to protect you against damage to the car. Lastly, your credit card will help pay for the car title insurance, so your credit card will likely help pay for the European title insurance, too.

Time is important. At least if you hire a European car rental, you know that the insurance, insurance, and title insurance will protect you for the duration of the rental. You won’t have to worry about fixing any damage or buying a title. Plus, you don’t have to worry about additional insurance.

In Europe, You’re As Likely To Need Any of These Insurance Types As You Are in the U.S.

It’s much like the car insurance you have here in the U.S. Except for titles, Europe has the most extensive insurance coverage. When you rent a car in Europe, you’re likely to use all of the following insurance types:

  • Traffic offenses insurance
  • Insure and Defend
  • Title Insurance
  • Vehicle Title Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance
  • Police Collision Insurance
  • Tire Damage Insurance
  • Vehicle Collision Insurance
  • Car Title Insurance
  • Car Collision Insurance
  • Truck Collision Insurance
  • Car Collision Insurance
  • Brake Failure Insurance
  • Tire Failure Insurance
  • Car Title Insurance

How Much You’ll Pay For Insurance and Title Insurance in Europe

If you hire a European car, you’ll have to pay for the European title insurance, insurance, and collision insurance. The insurance costs will vary depending on what kind of car you rent and the country you’re renting in. In addition, you may not be charged the cost of the European title insurance. Just like other services which include the likes of fiber optic though, you’ll likely be quoted the final fee, so all the added fees are factored-in to the price displayed to you.

In the U.S., you could be charged anything from the minimum to the maximum of the insurance coverage, plus the cost of the European title insurance. In Europe, if you rent a car that is worth more than 350,000 euros, you’ll need to pay for the European title insurance, too. If you rent a car that costs less than 350,000 euros, you’ll need to pay the insurance coverage for less than 130,000 euros. If you rent a car worth less than 130,000 euros, you’ll need to pay the insurance coverage for less than 85,000 euros.