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Seeking Alternatives: Is Vaping Better for Your Health Than Smoking?

It seems like every day there is a new study coming out arguing for or against vaping as a replacement for smoking. It can be hard to know which “facts” to believe with so many articles giving discrepancies. Is vaping a better alternative than smoking? How do you know?

While vaping does have some cons, as does just about everything, the truth is that if you had to choose between smoking and vaping, vaping wins hands down as better for your health. In case you want to explore some other options that do not involve inhaling any type of smoke or vapor at all, then you could check out the many websites like that have alternatives like nicotine pouches to offer. These are consumed orally and do not require any sort of ‘smoking’ activity.

Just the Facts – Vaping vs. Smoking

Common arguments against smoking over the past decades have been that smoking pollutes the air, forces others to breathe in harmful chemicals, causes lung cancer, and makes the smoker and those around them smell, well, gross.

Attacking those arguments one at a time by using vaping as a replacement, it’s easy to see that vaping takes care of each of these issues.

Independent researchers, such as National Geographic, have done multiple studies on the environmental effects of cigarettes versus vaping. Cigarettes produce smoke, making them environmentally unsafe, but they also cause smokers to leave the cigarette butts somewhere. This inevitably causes the leftovers to end up polluting the environment beyond the air, as millions of butts annually end up in the ocean.

E-cigs, or vaping pens, do cause some air pollution with the chemicals that are in them, but this is significantly less than that caused by cigarettes, and there is no secondary pollution because the pen is reused.

Secondary smoke is a valid concern for non-smokers who are forced to walk through hazes of tobacco smoke on their way from one place to another. This health concern is accurate, since according to the CDC, “Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including hundreds that are toxic and about 70 that can cause cancer.”

However, this is a non-issue with vaping, since there is no “burning,” so there is no smoke. And since there is no smoke, there is no secondary smoke to breathe in. Although there are chemicals that are released into the air, these are still less dangerous than cigarettes.

It’s a known fact: smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer. Yet, even though vaping is relatively new, even the cancer researchers are discovering that replacing your tobacco cigarettes with an e-cigarette long-term reduces the levels of toxic, cancer-causing substances in your body, significantly lowering your chances of lung cancer.

Finally, vaping is a relatively odorless habit, unlike cigarette smoking, so it’s often not even noticeable unless you see someone doing it. Many people who vape enjoy the flavors like those available on sites such as Vaporescence, but other than those often enjoyable light fragrances, vaping does not leave a noticeable scent.

Vaping vs. Cigarettes – It’s a No-Brainer

Any time you are allowing synthetic chemicals into your body, there are likely to be side effects. But the question as to whether vaping is better for your health than cigarettes is clearly evident. Cigarettes are the significantly more unhealthy choice, and switching to vaping from long-term cigarette use can even improve your health.