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Some of the best ways to entertain yourself at your Bristol accommodation

Moving to a new city can be a daunting experience, you have to get used to a new pace of life, potentially a new job, and a lot of the time you will not have a huge amount of time to adjust. If you find yourself moving to some Bristol accommodation, be it for work or university, the cities bustling nightlife and daytime activities have more than enough to keep you entertained and help you make new friends in the city. Keep reading to uncover some of the best parts about moving into your new Bristol accommodation.

  • There is a historic side to the city that will entertain any history buff

Bristol and the south-west region, in general, has a large number of historical sites that are well worth a visit if you are a history fanatic. From your Bristol accommodation, you can visit the Roman Baths in the local city of bath, and Stonehenge is a short day trip away. In addition to the day trips you can make, if you opt for some of the local attractions, there are plenty of museums, bars and even a zoo to keep you entertained while you settle in.

  • Bristol accommodation is generally of a very high standard

On top of the many attractions that are present in the city, the overall condition of Bristol accommodation is among the highest in the country. If you are a student moving to Bristol to continue your studies, the accommodation options you have are plentiful,  no matter if you are at UWE or the University of Bristol.

Areas like Clifton offer some of the more ‘upmarket’ options with high levels of serviced accommodation while the accommodation in areas like stokes croft caters well to those looking to find more affordable options.

  • There are plenty of sporting activities to take part in around the city

If you are into a variety of different sports, opting for accommodation located in Bristol will give you access to many different sporting teams. With two football league sides within the city limits in addition to a good rugby and cricket team, a family making the move will find there are plenty of quality sporting days out to be had in the city.

  • The green spaces make great areas for families

For families moving to a new city, having a good amount of green space for the kids to run around in is often on the list of priorities up there with a good school and daycare facilities. Luckily Bristol accommodation gives you access to a large amount of green space with the numerous parks located around the city.

Great Bristol accommodation is available around the city

After a quick search online you will quickly realise a large amount of different Bristol-based accommodation is available throughout the city. Try and segment the market by your needs, and make sure you are renting your accommodation from a reputable firm.