Super Yacht Charter Etiquette, an Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a sailing holiday with family or friends but you’re not quite sure how to go about it? Marina Del Rey yacht rentals and other yacht rentals like it are perfect for experiencing the beautiful sun, sea and beaches of the world, but there are some rules and regulations that need to be followed. Here is an ultimate guide regarding the do’s and don’ts of sailing in a private yacht:

The Do’s on a Superyacht

A superyacht is a luxurious option and best suited for long sailing hour trips – though they can also be brilliant even if you’re just sailing around the Italian coast. Here is the list of do’s for the people who are new to the yacht.

  • Respect the Crew

It is equally important to respect the crew as your family and friends. The crew works hard for your happiness only.

  • Listen to the Safety Instructions

It is always important to stick to the safety instructions given by the crew. Safety is the main thing while sailing. Normally, yachts will be accessible via an aluminium gangway, from somewhere like Platforms and Ladders. This helps passengers to easily access and exit the yacht and return to land.

  • Constant Communication

It ensures that the information is passed to the crew then and there if there are any chances in the pre-planned events. You cannot do things as you wish on the yacht because there are always limited things being carried in a yacht.

  • Bare Foot and Pet

The most yacht has barefoot rules because the shoe heels can dent the yacht floors and damage the decks. When shoes are allowed always ensure wearing soft heels. When you bring a pet to the yacht make sure it is pre-informed to the captain. So they can fetch your pet-friendly yacht.

  • Luggage and the Preparations of Vacations

When in the case of luggage packing for sail trips in yacht should be light and only the necessary things are to be packed, so that later you may not get stuck at storage issues. The preparations for the vacations by sailing are a big deal and always carry light kinds of stuff with you.

Don’ts to be Considered in Super Yacht

  • Treat the Crew as Crew

Be sure that you don’t disturb the crew members even for small things. They are providing you service only, they are not servants. Don’t ask the crew to take care of babies or pets because they have their tasks to accomplish in the period.

  • Don’t Involve in Illegal Activities

It is a big crime when you involve in illegal things without the knowledge of the crew and captain. The punishments are more horrible and even jail when you get caught by cops.

  • Follow Boundary Rules

Don’t intrude into other areas of privacy and disturb them. Always use boundary concepts. So it will be more disciplined. Don’t enter into the kitchen or captain’s room or other storage areas of the yacht without the invitation.

  • Don’t Smoke on Yacht

A few yachts are not allowing people for smoking inside the cabin. There are few areas that will allow smoking, especially on decks. It should be communicated clearly about the smoking area. Smoking different places may get you and yacht in trouble.

  • Don’t Force the Crew for Anything

It is important to give them their space and time. Don’t involve the crew or captain in your plans unless they are interested in getting along.