Take that First Trip and You’ll Figure Things Out

No, this is not leading up to a sales offer for you to join some or other training programme, mastermind or course I have on offer which will supposedly teach you how to live the life of your dreams as a traveller who makes money online. Don’t get me wrong, that’s what this blog is all about, but I thought I’d just clear things up because the introduction to this post might just have read like just another one of those coaching programmes sold to people who harbour ambitions of living the life of a so-called digital nomad.

So here goes…

I often get asked the question (I know, right?) of just how one should get started in their pursuit of this life of working remotely while travelling when you don’t really have any savings to speak of and you haven’t a clue where or how to start seeking remote income generation opportunities. The answer is simple enough in concept, but I totally understand just how complex the application can be.

Either way, the answer is you should just take your first trip and try to figure things out along the way, without putting pressure on yourself to return having cracked the online income generation code. Sometimes all you need is for the trip to be the motivating factor and so you have to experience the fun side of proceedings so that it fuels your desire to keep the fun going.

So book your first trip, no matter how short it may be, even if you designate your annual vacation to this experience of living and earning money remotely.

Notice how I didn’t really refer to it as earning money online, but rather earning money remotely. This is for a specific reason, that being the fact that pretty much everyone who is chasing this remote earning and travelling lifestyle seems to look in the most obvious of places. You Googled “How to make money online,” didn’t you?

That’s the number one way of how NOT to make money online because you’ll be led on a wild goose chase, buying one e-book after the other and going through online income course after online income course, only to come up short and maybe conclude that the only way to crack this game is to go from scammed to scammer. That’s what it is, isn’t it? It’s mostly just so-called “legal scams” that are cleverly-worded to get you to part with your money and yet you end up frustrated at the lack of results in generating the kind of money which will keep funding your travels, if any money is made at all.

Getting back to earning money REMOTELY, any business which can be run remotely will do, but you should seek inspiration from the travel industry itself, such as how a certain backpacker saw an opportunity to promote Responsible Pest Control services as an affiliate following his visit to a backpackers’ hostel in Arizona. This has very little to do with online income generation channels, apart from the fact that the services are sold through the service provider’s website.

So take the trip and inspiration will likely hit you while you’re on the road…