The Adults-Only Guide to London Nightlife

Are you planning a trip to London? Perhaps you already love the city and are looking for new nights out. We have compiled a guide to the best adults-only London Nightlife venues and events to get your mind racing. From swingers nights to sexy massages, we have you covered.

Things to Consider

The London Nightlife scene is primarily based around the West End and Soho. Some of the events mentioned in this list are in other parts of town, but if you’re planning a visit, try to stay as centrally as possible. From London Transport zones one or two, you can quickly hop on the tube and get to any of the destinations mentioned below.

Fetish Clubs

London Nightlife has a long history of fetish and kink nights. A spanking paddle or two is not unheard of in these circles! The figurehead of this scene is the world-famous Torture Garden. Founded in the early ’90s, the club night uses a variety of London venues and is Europe’s most significant fetish club night. The events include mind-boggling live performances, kinky fashion shows, a dungeon, a couple’s sex room, and live DJs playing Techno, Industrial and House music.

The dress code is strict! The often stern door person will require full head-to-toe fetish or fantasy gear. Their website has full guidelines, but if you can wear any part of your outfit to a regular night out, you will not be dressed up enough for Torture Garden.

Sex Parties

In the last ten years, one of the fastest-growing areas of London Nightlife has been luxury Sex Parties and swingers nights. In addition to nightlife venues in London, you can also take the help of dating portals (such as to find a partner and take them to one of the sex parties or swingers nights. These apps are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to make a connection before heading out for an evening of adult fun.

A few new companies have been promoting some of the most jaw-dropping nights out London has ever seen. Beautiful people gather in plush mansions to drink champagne, eat oysters and, at some stage, gather on huge beds to fornicate in ways that would make even the Romans blush. The whole scene could be something out of a porn video with people entangled and enjoying sex and other arousing activities. It’s important to understand that while some may prefer to watch such fetish sex on a site similar to XXX Tube 1 (or perhaps live), others like to experience it firsthand by exploring sex parties in London. So, no judgments here, just complete pleasure and ecstasy!!!

And if you need a reference, it’s more Eyes Wide Shut than Carry on Camping!

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage in London is perhaps the capital’s best-kept secret. The practice involves holistic massage and meditation techniques with erotic body glides from your naked and beautiful therapist. If you’re travelling with a partner, you can book a couples massage and enjoy the experience together or indulge in other therapies such as Nuru Massage or Aqua Massage, where you share a bath with your masseuse before the session.

Much like the swingers’ parties, London has shaken off the seedy image of a sensual massage, and you can now book stunning masseuses via reputable agencies in high-end locations.


Perhaps the longest-running type of event on our list, Cabaret in London is still going strong. These establishments specialise in sexy and sophisticated entertainment. If Torture Garden sounds a little too intense for you, then a Cabaret club could be the way to go. You’ll get titillating shows and a sexy clientele, but it’s still a place you could go with work colleagues for a night out.

Suppose you’ve never been to a cabaret night before; you can expect Burlesque dancers, comedy, drag acts and more. It’s always a mixture between the sexy, silly and downright bizarre. Cabaret can be an excellent choice for a date or if you and your partner want to broaden your horizons from the typical restaurant and bar scene.

London Nightlife

So there you have our guide to the best adults-only nightlife events for adventurous souls visiting London for the first time. London is an incredible city and is now firmly established as one of the sexiest destinations in the world.

These venues won’t let you take too many photos once inside, but the memories you make will last a lifetime.