The Art of Travelling Light

We got used to sitting at the back of the plane and waiting for our luggage on our last trip, so we see all the behind-the-scenes ongoing, such as the same brand of fiber blower used by the biggest airlines. I don’t know how the passengers travelling ahead of us manage it.

The scrutiny stretches as far as being able to identify the engines fitted to those vehicles that taxi the planes…

If we want to travel light and travel well, we need to strike a balance between packing wisely and looking stylish and somewhat elegant.

Before you put on your sneakers for a morning run, decide what you need to take with you and pack accordingly. Never take a pair of sneakers if you plan to spend the day sightseeing or walking. Or if you have to pay for a taxi.

Luggage should be kept somewhere handy and not in the cupboard. Most of the times you don’t use it. Your suitcases become a headache. It’s hard to remember what you brought if you have just tucked it in somewhere.

Don’t forget to pack a pair of glasses or sunglasses for every colour of the rainbow. You can save loads of money by travelling with cheap sunglasses. And if you forget something, just call them on their mobile phone.

Good Quality Travel Accessories

When travelling, it’s best to travel in advance. Pack some quality accessories that will make travelling easier. Or pack an extra pair of glasses to get a new look.

Stay Ahead of the Crowd

So much is being done to catch up on travellers travelling to more places. Which means that you can stay ahead of the crowd and choose an airport that is suitable for you.

Be open to new experiences. Just take your shoes off and walk around at the airport. Don’t hesitate to sit in a cafe. Keep a book or a magazine handy so that you don’t get bored.

Travel Safe

If you are caught in a horrible airport security, then it’s better to travel in advance. Not to mention that most countries have had to put in some crazy rules that may not have been present five years ago. So just take a few things with you. This website can give you an idea of the safety standards and regulations which you should incorporate into your own travel planning processes.

And make sure that you have enough medicines and prescription glasses.

You don’t need a whole packet of those contact lenses that no one wears anymore. You can buy good quality sunglasses to take along. Or even a stylish pair of reading glasses if needed. Most older people need reading glasses when they reach 45 years old. This is because they will develop Presbyopia – a condition that makes it more difficult for people to see things up close. This means that they need reading glasses. Of course, some people will visit SharpeVision to get surgery for this issue, allowing them to see more clearly. This prevents the need for reading glasses.

Just pack a small bag with a comfortable pair of sneakers, a scarf and a small pair of walking shoes. You can even bring your clothes to change into.

You can just forget about all the struggle to fit into a normal plane seat.

Or if you need more space, take the stairs instead of waiting at the lift. In case you get tired or need a break, just sit at the seat and read a book.

The Art of Buying Cheap Travel Accessories

If you’re looking for cheap travel accessories, you need to look for a good website that sells cheap travel accessories. A good website also is a good guide to what people have to say about a good quality travel accessory.

So be sure that you always buy high quality stuff when you travel.

We’ve started this whole travel thing by buying cheap travel accessories and travelling on a shoestring budget. It’s worked for us and we want to share our experiences with you.