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The benefits of being self employed

When it comes to working life, becoming self-employed can be a great option. Many people will grow tired of working for someone else, and it is easy to see why. From annoying bosses to regularly being asked to stay late and not get the holidays you want, making money for someone else is not always fun. There are often, less employment procedures to undergo (like a background check or drug tests) when you are freelancing or are self-employed.

In comparison, it’s easy to see the appeal of being self-employed. But just what benefits can it bring you?

Top reasons to go it alone

Of course, making the decision to be your own boss is both exciting and scary. You not only have to choose what your new business will be but also have the responsibility to make it work. However, becoming self-employed still has many features to recommend it.

  • Be your own boss – Of course, the main attraction of self-employment is being the boss. You set the rules, don’t have to answer to anyone else and are in charge of what goes on. This type of freedom is amazing when you are used to working as someone else’s employee. One real bonus is that you can get the holidays you want every year!
  • Flexibility – If you choose to work as a contractor or freelancer, then you will have an amazing level of flexibility in your work. This will allow you to take on work when you choose to and when you want to. If you fancy a few weeks off, that’s fine! Working as a contractor is easier than ever now, thanks to umbrella companies that help to handle your contractor pay.
  • Pay – When it comes to contractor pay or being paid as a self-employed person in general, you will most likely make more money as well. As you can set your own rates and keep all the money that comes in, you will have the chance to earn more than in a salaried job where your annual salary is pre-defined.
  • No commute – One of the small but totally amazing things about becoming self-employed is not having to suffer that daily commute. If you are currently spending your journey to and from work crammed onto a bus or train, then this is no doubt very appealing. You simply get out of bed when you need to start work and walk downstairs.
  • More excitement – When you set out on your own, it is naturally more exciting than working for someone else. When you add in the fact that you will be working in a sector that you love and feel passionate about, being self-employed is much more fun.

Self-employment is awesome

If you are currently wondering whether to become self-employed or not, there really is a lot to recommend. Although it will present challenges along the way, self-employment gives such a buzz and unique way of working that many love. Of course, it is key to choose the sector you will go into wisely and make sure you are fully prepared. If you do this and work hard, then the above benefits will be yours to enjoy.