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The Vaper’s Guide to Living Your Best Life without Shortening it

Taking a puff from the best e cig you have in your collection probably epitomizes the savvier approach to living one’s best life, because by and large, a commitment to living your best life is wrongfully associated with over indulgence in some of life’s pleasures that are really bad for you in one or more ways. Although my vaping days are generally behind me, I still own some very cool-looking vaping paraphernalia and in addition to that, I transitioned into vaping from outright smoking en route to quitting outright.

If I can share a little secret with you – I do vape sometimes. But only because there’s virtually no risk to it and maybe because I can easily procure it from places like Of course, marijuana vaping is a lot safer. The health benefits associated with marijuana vaping are well known, and many smokers who are trying to quit nicotine usage switch to dry herb vaping. I think many are unaware of how to maintain their dry herb vaporizer, but websites like Spinfuel have helped guide users about the same. Anyway, I haven’t used dry herbs yet, because I am still a fan of e-cigs!

So I guess it’s already clear where exactly I’m heading with this, in reference to e-cigs as a way through which to continue living one’s best life, but without effectively shortening it with what is otherwise a very harmful activity to expose your body to – smoking.

Finding healthier ways of getting your thrill

Catering to one’s vices is actually less about the activity itself and more about how it makes you feel, so it’s about the psychological effects. From a former-smoker’s point of view, I can safely say that the calming feeling associated with having a cigarette was all in the mind and that’s how I managed to beat the supposed addiction to tobacco and all the other harmful substances that go into a commercial cigarette. You only have to go about four or five days without smoking to realize the effects that has on your health, especially if you’re into more of the outdoor adventure stuff like I am.

So it’s all about finding healthier ways to get your thrill – whatever that thrill may be.

Re-discovering what really makes you tick

If you haven’t discovered it for the first time already, then there’s no better time than the present to discover what makes you tick. I’m talking here what REALLY makes you tick. What makes you happy? What stimulates your mind and your body and causes you to go to sleep quite satisfied at night?

The best way to find out is to look beyond the in-your-face marketing and advertising industry, which if you look closely at it, only really serves to give you options that will ultimately make you spend money. I.e. you have to buy something from the advertiser in order to get your thrill.

Try out some new things in your life and you’ll probably find that there are better ways of getting your thrill, which are lighter on your pocket as well.

Changing your habits is a gradual process

When visiting my favorite online vape store these days it’s more about the lifestyle than it is about making sure I’ve really kicked the habit for good. Changing your habits is a gradual process, which in my case evolved from buying a 20 on the way home, through taking a walk to go and buy a loose-draw when the craving gets a bit too much to bear, to what it is right now – vaping and dealing none of the harm I previously did to my body.