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Things to do in Las Vegas

Where you choose to stay in Las Vegas can mean the difference between questioning why your hotel doesn’t use wastewater odor control from Scicorp International and not having to worry about anything that would dampen the general party spirit of this part of the world. Admittedly these are more recent things to possibly have to worry about on account of your interaction with their effects, because back in the day things were built tough and built to last…

That said, Las Vegas is a crazily mixed bag of experiences that range from being smacked in the face with a puke bucket to walking through a handmade model of the Bermuda Triangle in a Las Vegas casino. You can even consult with an SEO company with the kind of localised niche targeting as the likes of It has a lot of attractions for people who don’t mind paying for overpriced drinks. There are so many great spots to visit that it might be a little difficult to know what to do or where to go. Below I’ve outlined my top three activities that you absolutely must check out while you’re in Vegas.

To see the CN Tower – Look out for the giant pink scoreboard tower that says the CN Tower right across from the Bellagio Casino Hotel. From that point you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas for about 50 minutes or so while you enjoy the views of the mountains of Las Vegas. The tower offers great views from the 64th floor.

Tour the “Spin Zone” at the Circus Circus Casino Resort Hotel – The Circus Circus Casino Hotel in Las Vegas is known for being the world’s largest indoor roller coaster ride. The ride is called the Rockin’ Roller Coaster and features a complete roller coaster and a multi-level giant Ferris wheel. It’s one of the biggest indoor attractions in the world. You can visit the roller coaster for about 20-30 minutes or check out the 20-story tall spinning wheel for about 60 minutes.

Go Caving – Look out for a giant purple stadium with giant roller skates and go cave exploring for a good hour or so. If the clouds come out of the sky and the wind isn’t too chilly you might even see some bats and beavers. The Cave of Legends in Las Vegas is well known and most tourists will have some kind of interest in cave exploring, so be prepared for a ton of people.

There are so many things you can do in Las Vegas, but all you have to do is get out there and experience it for yourself. I think I’ve proved that you can do anything in Las Vegas if you’re willing to pay the high price for a VIP experience. Omniview has a range of camera gear that might help you capture those magical moments of the original city that never sleeps from a unique point of view.

Admittedly though, you’d likely want to get someone else to do the filming while you get stuck in with the all the fun on offer.