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Tips for Preparing Your Home Before Going on Vacation

Nobody wants to go on vacation and feel worried the entire time. La Jolla or London, travelers around the world have quite the list of preparations to make before the big trip; feeling confident about leaving the home while on a trip is what every homeowner wants. Here are tips for satisfying that urge:

Give the Illusion That Someone is Living There

Thieves are going to feel more comfortable attempting to steal from a home that seems empty. Making a home look lived-in while out on vacation is fairly simple:

-Don’t let the paperboy give it away: Stop all mail and newspaper delivery while away.

-Have a light in the house on a timer.

-Make sure the lawn and landscape is maintained

Get a Quote

An updated homeowner insurance policy is going to be another important step to take before going on vacation. Travelers aren’t going to feel completely protected without adequate coverage. Accurate homeowner insurance policy quotes aren’t difficult to find and may mean the difference in a positive way. The right insurance will protect the home and possessions therein if something were to go wrong while you’re out of town.

Cut Needless Expenses

Ghosts don’t need appliances to run. Unplug small appliances and electric devices that naturally would be a wasted expense if left plugged in. The toaster can easily be taken out of storage upon arriving back home. The water heater doesn’t need to be at its normal temperature–slide it to “vacation” mode before leaving. Consider turning off water valves to appliances that won’t be in use during time away.

Other Things to Examine

Don’t forget to take out the trash and dispose of food that will go rotten during the vacation. This will include getting rid of food that may be in the garbage disposal. Notify a trusted neighbor of the situation. That way they will be able to monitor the grounds for any unusual and unwanted activity. Remember to check the batteries in smoke detectors around the home. Being proactive about little housekeeping items before a trip will help to provide peace of mind while snorkeling in the Caribbean or skydiving in the Mojave.

Think About the Pets

This isn’t going to be an issue for all people, but if you have pets, you’re going to need to find someone who can look after them whilst you’re away. Taking your dogs with you may be one option, but if your hotel doesn’t allow animals or if your dogs get travel anxiety, it’s best to leave them with friends or family or at their kennel club. Cats should also be taken to a friend or family member to be looked after, or taken to a cattery. However, some cats might find the change in setting too distressing, so you may need to leave them at home and ask a neighbour to check in on them every day.

For fish, rodents, reptiles, birds, insects, arachnids and amphibians, you may need to get a specialist to look after them because they require more care than your typical cat or dog. For outdoor hens, ducks and outdoor cats and dogs, ask a friend to check in on them. You may also want to get pet insurance for your animals, so have a look at Pet Insurance Review to compare the best ones. Outdoor animals are at risk of being preyed on by foxes or run over by vehicles or farm machinery, whilst exotic pets can be tricky to look after, so pet insurance can cover veterinary costs should anything go wrong whilst you’re away.

Clean Before Departure

Dust and debris are no fun in the home. It will gradually build in the living spaces if left unkempt. One is going to feel all sorts of emotions upon returning home from a getaway. The last thing they want is to return home to a dirty house. Dust, mop the floors and take care of regular cleaning duties to return to a peaceful home. This will help when it comes to unpacking and integrating back to normal home activities.


A homeowner will want to notify any security company they may use that they will be away on vacation. This may draw for a quicker response from the company in case of foul activity. It’s not uncommon for a home security company to contact the homeowner first in the event of suspicious activity. This can be changed if a homeowner is proactive and notifies the company of their time away.