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Top 4 Destinations for Motocross Lovers

Motocross lovers don’t like to stay in one place for a long time, riding the same route over and over again. They prefer to try out different locations and up their adrenaline levels whenever they can. That is why it is fun to travel around the globe checking out various destinations that offer new and exciting motocross trails to be conquered and explored. Of course, it’s important to remember that motorcycles are dangerous vehicles when not used correctly, so it can be easy to injure oneself. As a small vehicle, it’s also easy for others to injure you, and whilst a motorcycle accident lawsuit may help you to get the compensation you deserve, you need to ensure you have all the proper training and safety gear before you start riding. Once you’re sure you’re capable and safe, however, it’s time to have some fun! In this article, we will include the five most popular destinations that true lovers of this sport shouldn’t miss out on. Let’s start!

Manar Tourist Park. Queensland, Australia

Australia, in general, is a heaven for motocross lovers. The sheer number of different locations is simply outstanding. So, at times, it is a bit hard to pick just one location. However, the Manar Tourist Park definitely takes the lead just a bit in comparison to other Australian locations. Not only is there a variety of motocross tracks and trails, offering over 300 km of one-way loops covering 13,000 acres, but you also have access to full camping facilities. And don’t worry, if a need emerges for repairs on your bike, you can order motocross parts from one of the renowned Australian motocross gear, dirt bike parts, and accessories store, and you are bound oi get top quality gear so that you can continue enjoying Manar.

Costa Rica Unlimited tour

This has to make the bucket list for most motocross enthusiasts. So it is the one location that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. You can ride through towns, on beaches and stop for local foods on the way. There are a lot of available routes that you can decide on, some relaxing and some to get your heart pumping. And not only that, but you get to enjoy the comfort of a five-star accommodation with a beach view and wildlife just outside your window. You can simply get dressed in your room and ride right from the hotel. What more can one person ask for?

Menifee, California, USA

If you’re looking for a great place to stay and explore for any length of time, you definitely need to check out California, specifically the possibility of a motocross holiday based out of Menifee. First of all, you will have access to a variety of locations since all the top tracks and race shops are within an hour of one another. You can find great accommodation in Menifee, which offers luxury amenities (pool, games, etc), and is frequently visited by racers from around the world. That means you get to meet other motocross lovers and exchange experiences. You can even opt for race-day packages that will enable you to attend and enjoy the AMA Supercross races, as well as the Pro Motocross all year round.

Saigon to Da Lat Motorcycle Tour, Vietnam

This 3-day, 331-mile, motorcycle tour from Saigon to Da Lat in Vietnam is definitely a unique adventure worth taking. At the very start of the tour, you will leave the busy Saigon streets behind and enter the quiet countryside of Cu Chi. This route includes beautiful coastal roads, so on one side there is the stunning blue sea and on the other side is the magnificent sand dunes. You will also get to travel on the small winding roads through the quiet countryside passing many cashew tree and dragon fruit plantations. This motocross option is relaxing, but don’t worry there are still some parts that are bound to get your blood pumping.

So there you have it, some of the best motocross destinations in the world. Each one is unique when it comes to
what it has to offer its visitors. You can combine your love of riding with a great holiday option. So spend a few days trying out the different routes on location and the rest of your vacation exploring the sights of the beautiful country you are visiting. It is truly a win-win situation and you’ll get to make some great memories while still experiencing that beloved rush.