Top Cities To Visit With The Best Public Transportation

Sometimes it’s nice to travel to a spot where you don’t have to worry about driving around and paying astronomical parking fees.  Finding a travel destination with stellar public transportation options presents the chance to focus more on sightseeing than finding a place to park.  

Nobody likes sitting in traffic.  There’s no reason not to consider a more suitable alternative.  Do a little research, and check out a brief look at some of the United States’ best cities for public transportation.  

Washington, D.C.

The sheer size of the Washington public transit system is awe-inspiring.  Between the Metro and the system of buses, there are more than 330 million trips made every year.  

You may also enjoy knowing that the average travel time for citizens using public transit in D.C. is a full ten minutes below the national average.  The downside of D.C.’s transit system is that it can be a bit costly.

New York City, New York

The Big Apple’s public transit system will get you to many places all around the area, just be careful traveling through certain parts of the island at night.  The criminal mischief in Long Island is no joke, so stick to the more touristy spots around the city.  

It will take you a little longer to get from point A to point B, but the transit systems of New York City will take you pretty much anywhere you need to go.  You can get a hotel outside of the city, and park your vehicle for the whole of your visit. Flying in means you’re free of a vehicle altogether.

San Francisco, California

You’ll get the chance to experience the nation’s most iconic transit system by traveling to San Francisco, California.  The city of San Fran is riddled with steep hills due to the unique layout of the landscape, and visitors have the chance to experience the coolest cable car ride of their lives.  

Of course, the historic cable cars are not the only tool in San Francisco’s public transit bag of tricks.  The buses and trains in the city make up the majority of the transit system, and BART (Bay Area Transit System) moves people around with great efficiency.

Boston, Massachusetts

In Boston, you’ll ride with the MBTA.  The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority doles out nearly 400,000 rides every year.  Locals will vouch for the comfort and efficiency of the Boston transit system, and so will you.  

Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago train system is well known as the “L,” and it provides an all-around sightseeing adventure through the city.  Paying for a transit pass in Chicago won’t leave you broke.  The cost averages around $100 a month, which is much cheaper than other top transit cities on our list.