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Top Romantic Getaways

Nothing says romance like a vacation to a beautiful foreign land with all the fine dining and sightseeing of which you could dream. Occasions for embarking upon a romantic getaway may include an upcoming anniversary, honeymoon or simply a token of affection to say you care. The romantic getaway is one of the finest and most sentimental types of vacations. There are a few trips that have made our top list of the most romantic getaways that you can book in 2021.


Paris is by far one of the most classic vacation destinations for romantic getaways. Couples will enjoy fine Parisian dining fare and lovely weather regardless of the season. Paris is the capital of France and sightseeing in this lovely city is not to be missed. You may choose to explore the Paris Opera building designed during Napoleon III’s reign. There is of course the iconic and romantic Eiffel Tower, which was constructed in the year 1888.

It should also be noted that Paris is the second-most expensive city in the world. This should be taken into careful consideration when investing in one’s trip. Ensure that you have allocated proper funds for eating out and even for shopping. This may be a trip that you might like to save up for for years prior.


You may want to book a romantic getaway this year to the lovely tropical island of Maui. When it comes to natural wonders, there are few places more beautiful on this earth than the island of Maui. The location features white sand beaches, black sand beaches, and warm temperatures in the coastal waters. You could even go on a maui sunset cruise because what’s more romantic than watching the sun go down with the person you love? Maui is a lush locale and just where you may lay down for a suntan next to the ocean, you are liable to be looking up at the verdant view of sprawling trees. The air is humid here and is scented of jasmine flowers.

Two of the most lovely vacation destinations to be visited for a romantic getaway are the Greek Islands and the city of Paris. The Greek Islands are a warm weather destination that is most well-known for the island Mykonos. This is a party capital and it is best advised that you visit the area in May or June before the crowds flow in, taking a trip on a modest boat or tanning on the beaches. Paris is a beautiful city that has been appreciated for fine architecture and dining for centuries. Visitors to the area are recommended to visit the Eiffel Tower and architectural feats such as the Paris Opera building. Maui is another lovely vacation destination that is known for its beautiful beaches, warm water and greenery. The air here contains the unmistakable scent of tropical floral blooms. The ambience in these vacation destinations are best experienced in the company of your dearest loved one.

Greek Island Cruises

The Greek islands consist of between 1,200 and 6,000 small islands located just outside the coast of Greece. There are so many regions to choose from, the loveliest of which are the Saronic Gulf Islands and the North Aegean Islands. These areas are characterized by beautiful lush beaches with fine sand. The temperatures are temperate to warm, depending upon which island you are exploring. Taking a Greek Island cruise allows you to enjoy the entire region in comfort.

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands, with crowds hoarding to the region in July and August. The wise travelling couple may decide to visit this beautiful region in the months of May and June, because it is at this time that accommodations are more affordable. You can take a trip on a modest boat at the Mykonos port, too.