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Top Things to do in Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

The landscape views of Munsiyari lie at the bottom of the Himalayan range. Munsiyari is known for the high-altitude trekking to different glaciers and it is known as the base camp for Nanda Devi. The countryside long treks are surrounded by the past birch, walnut, Juniper, and rhododendron trees. The lush green trees and high-altitude meadows make the trek exciting and fun.

Munisyari is situated 2298 meters above sea level is a picturesque town located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range. The place is known for its mystical and beautiful landscape with excellent climate and weather conditions that make the activities and trekking fun. There are many activities to do in Munsiyari, Uttarakhand such as skiing, trekking, river rafting, and much more.

Munsiyari is “Trekker’s Paradise” featuring a range of a variety of treks that travelers can pick based on their capabilities and experience. The trekking is fun surrounded by serene nature, with incredible weather conditions that make it more exciting to explore. 

From adventure sports to ski, Munsiyari has a myriad of outdoor activities that captivate the interest of tourists they come with family and friends with every year. Munsiyari has the exquisite charm that the traveler falls in love with its beauty. 

Birdwatching is another thing that excites the visitors as some unique and diversified birds catch the attention of naturalists and conservationists globally to visit and see them flying. There are rare species found in the Munsiyari such as Wagtail, Himalayan Falcon, Raven, and more.

Nature lovers can explore the exquisite flora and fauna along with the chance to see the rarest animals in the world like snow leopard, Himalayan bear, deer, and many more. We have incorporated the list of best things to do when visiting Munsiyari in Uttarakhand.

Birthi Falls

The waterfall is falling from nearly 125 meters with spectacular views making it one of the famous tourist attractions in Munsiyari. The natural wonder offers stunning views with a natural landscape and a Himalayan Mountain range. The trek is quite easy to cover and lies in the forest area surrounded by the long trees, winds flowing down the cheeks creating a peaceful aura around.

The place has incredible picnic spots in the Kumaon valley. The trek is quite small to start and finish and it’s open from both sides which makes it quite challenging yet fun to finish and explore the rarer butterflies and sparrows.

Panchachuli Peak

The famous mountain peak is the largest with snow-capped mountains that can be seen from the Pithoragarh area. The peak looks incredibly stunning that one can experience and words can’t describe. Panchachuli peak is considered one of the five charming peaks in the Johar valley and that makes it one of the must-visit places in Munsiyari. 

Panchachuli Peaks are visible from all over the Munsiyari; travelers can witness the stunning sunrise and sunset from the peaks. The individual can experience the moonrise after the sunset behind these peaks. The peaks should be in the itinerary when visiting the peaks to experience the surreal beauty of nature and experience the thrilling adventure. 

Khaliya Top

The panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks in the Kumaon region which is most frequently visited by those who seek adventure and love trekking. The 10-kilometer trek starts from the Munsiyari with extremely stunning views that cannot be missed at any cost. It has high visibility during summers one can even sit and watch birds 

Khaliya Top Trek is one of the trekkers’ favorite spots to begin trekking and catch the awe-inspiring views of the Panchachuli and Nanda Devi. During the trekking, the people can watch the snowline in early summers. The Great Himalayan range is visible from there along with the five famous peaks such as Panchachuli, Hardeol, Rajrambha, Nandakot, and Nandadevi. The trekkers and other travelers can experience the surreal serene ranges and in winters the snow-capped trek makes it the perfect spot for skiing.

Madkot Village

The Madkot village is situated 5km far from Munsiyari popular for its hot water natural springs that rejuvenate the body and lead to a peaceful bath in the lap of mother nature. Hot water is believed to cure the disease or heal health issues like skin burns, body, rheumatism, and more. Madkot is known for its pleasant temperature, magical aura, and healing to achieve peace.

Madkot valley is picturesque, stunningly beautiful that takes your breath away with its mystical beauty. The small village is a peaceful place in Munsiyari to visit and experience the rich nature and vegetation.

Uttarakhand is full of serene beauty and magical places that make one’s heart jump when they explore the mystical lands and beauty of the place. Munsiyari is one of the most commendable re-treat offered to humans to explore. The visitors can enjoy several glaciers, treks, ancient tribes, tiny villages, peaks, adventure sports, and the list goes on. The spell-bounded views can make you forget the worries you are carrying in your heart and make you fall in love with the place all over.