Top Trip Ideas for Maritime Travel Enthusiasts

Even if you’re not a maritime war nerd, there’s just something super interesting about watching those documentaries about World War 1 naval warfare, if only for the development trajectory of the technology that went into the making of the vessels. I guess it appeals to the inner-traveler, being able to marvel at the vast distances they managed to cover and the challenging environments to have to navigate. That swiftly brings into focus some top travel ideas for those travelers who have an affinity with the maritime, keeping in mind that while we are indeed going to mention some top destination ideas, it’s more about the sea journey than the actual destination.

Ship graveyard

Taking a leaf out of the television production book of secrets, especially with regards to grabbing the interest of an audience that’s interested in the topic of travel, before you embark on any sailing excursion you should perhaps start at the end to pique your interest. As if it needs any stirring up, right?

Anyway, “start at the end” in this way, by simply visiting a ship graveyard. That ought to set the mood and scene for the upcoming maritime trip you’re going to be taking, giving you that much more to appreciate about some of the technical aspects of the trip and the mode of transport. Namibia’s Skeleton Coast would be a nice option, featuring some eerie remains of vessels that have been “resting” for years. Otherwise if you find yourself in North America then Staten Island would do well, particularly if you want to see some barges and tugs that have long since had their day.

Sail the French Riviera

Owning a boat introduces a sense of adventure, and for those seeking a taste of the billionaire lifestyle, a sailing excursion to the French Riviera can be the perfect escape. However, before embarking on such an extravagant journey, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough inspection of your boat. This includes checking various parts, such as the propeller, to ensure everything is in optimal condition for the trip. A well-maintained propeller is essential for smooth sailing and preventing potential damage during the voyage. In the event of any issues, getting it fixed with the help of reliable propeller repair services can ensure a seamless and enjoyable sailing experience. With these preparations, you can dock in glamorous destinations like Monaco, savouring the pleasures of a full day on dry land and living the billionaire dream, if only for a while.

Join a research excursion to Antarctica

For some maritime fun which resembles a more scientific theme, join a research excursion to the icy continent of Antarctica, which is undoubtedly a different take on what maritime life can be all about. You’ll have to layer-up on the clothing because it gets really, really cold and there’s roughly one ship that leaves to and from the research base every few months. Scientific studies may require you to go underwater as well, so you and the rest of the team will likely be provided with Commercial diving equipment, so that you are able to withstand the extreme cold and harsh conditions of this region.

Cruise the Caribbean

Cruise ships have long since been known to be like floating hotel resorts with as much entertainment and comfort as you can afford available on board. What better destination to know you’re headed to than the beautiful, beautiful Caribbean islands though, while you’re busy enjoying yourself on board?

Enjoy a seaside party in Croatia

As far as it goes with getting a yacht charter Croatia has some neat options on offer. This way you can actually get involved in the fun without the envy of merely admiring the maritime life playing out in the French Riviera. Enjoy a seaside party at one of the many such spots in the Adriatic Sea, or enjoy one on board the boat or ship you’ll be sailing in.