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Travel in Southeast Asia: what to pack for your baby

Essentially, the period you are going to stay will determine what you will pack. However, remember that boys pyjamas, among other things, can come in handy because they can be gender neutral for the babies.

Items you can pack for your baby

Before headed out for a vacation with the family, you need to have a plan on the type things that your baby will need to avoid cases of forgetfulness. Here are some of the items to keep in mind when you start packing for your kid.

1. Rain jacket

Southeast Asia receives a lot of rainfall annually, resulting in chilly weather that can be overwhelming to the child. More so, these weather patterns are often unpredictable and it can start raining at any time. Furthermore, it will be a good idea to pack up the Rain jacket if you plan to go to the forests.

2. Socks

The whole air journey can be overwhelming with so much cold. With socks, the baby will keep warm and avoid risking the baby’s health. Make sure that the kind of socks you get are heavy ones that will bring body warmth fast.

3. Heat survival kit

As discussed earlier, the weather patterns in Asia are unpredictable. Preparing yourself with a heat kit containing stuff like; a fan, water bottle, sunscreen and sunglasses. On such situations, the way you dress your baby is important to keep them comfortable from the heat.

4. Baby travelling bed

It is not guaranteed that the hotels will avail places for babies to sleep. To avoid stressing it will be good that you play safe by getting the travelling bed. Besides, these beds are light to carry and they can fold.

5. Nappies

Some products are always essentials, especially for the long-distance travels with a kid. Try to pack as much as you can because some areas in Southeast Asia have problems getting such commodities. So to stay on the safe side, pack the brand you always use and include some extras.

6. Baby Blankets

South East Asia comprises diverse countries with varying climates, from tropical to more temperate regions. Baby blankets can be indispensable in providing warmth and comfort, especially in areas where the temperature may drop unexpectedly or where air conditioning can be quite cold. Furthermore, custom baby blankets (and similar alternatives) can serve a multitude of purposes during extended flights or road trips. They can function as a snug cover for peaceful naps, provide extra cushioning for enhanced comfort in car seats or strollers, and even act as an improvised privacy screen for breastfeeding.

7. Emergency “Just in case” kit

Although with this, do not stress and overdo it. You can pack this if you are a first-timer in Southeast Asia and you don’t have information on their medical care. With the emergency kit, you can include mosquito repellents, pain relievers and anti-constipation medicine for the baby.

8. Baby boys pyjamas

As a parent you will need to be comfortable at night. To make the baby less disturbing, you will need to have good pyjamas that are not too fitting. Boy pyjamas are the best to consider packing.

9. Onesies

Pack the light cotton outfits that are easy to wash and wear. Avoid too much of the heavy clothes to avoid getting the baby too hot, leading to some form of sickness.


Anxiety when you are about to travel is common. Especially when it is a faraway place. With your baby at your side, you will need to have some tips on what you should carry. Relax and take these tips into action.