Traveling Do’s And Don’ts After Plastic Surgery

There are thousands of patients every year who travel to receive a procedure of their choosing. There are thousands of patients every year who are required to travel shortly after their surgery, and don’t necessarily take their doctor’s word as law.

Don’t be one of those people. Take the time to truly understand the boundaries of your recovery, and do everything you can to follow the rules. Here is a quick breakdown of some general post-op travel do’s and don’ts.


Traveling post breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a very invasive surgery, whether you’re getting something added, taken away, or moved around. Depending on the method used for your breast surgery, your travel abilities will likely be limited for a bit.

Flying directly after a major breath augmentation can cause blood clotting issues. You may also experience turbulence that moves your body against your will. Excessive movement or bouncing after surgery is very painful and not at all good for your body.


Traveling post minor operations

Most minor plastic surgery operations allow you to travel soon after the procedure. You may have to stay around town for a day or so, but as soon as you feel up to traveling, you can.

Read up on your particular surgery to be certain about the traveling stipulations associated, but the general consensus is that you can travel as long as the surgery was minor. Listen to your body in any instance.


Choosing your manner of travel

There are more ways than one to get from point A to point B on the map. Choosing your manner of travel should be based around the extent of your surgery. Riding in the car for just a couple of hours is fairly gentle compared to taking a flight from one side of the country to the other.


Special considerations for post-op travel

If you have to travel before the wait period is up, you should make special considerations for your condition. Arrange for handicapped seating and treatment. Make your travel experience as activity free as humanly possible, and bring plenty of pillows.


Travel with a friend post-op


Always travel with a friend after surgery of any kind. The people around you are not aware of your physical limitations, and you can’t hold them accountable for your well-being.

However, traveling with a close friend or trusted family member will grant you a partner who knows your situation and actually cares about your personal well-being. Also, consider taking them along when visiting a clinic for breast augmentation in Denver (or whichever location you prefer!), as it will surely help them to care for you better if they know the details of your surgery and recovery post-op.

It helps to have someone to carry your bags. It helps to have someone to help push your wheelchair (if you require one). Enlist your number one sidekick for this adventure, and travel safely after your plastic surgery.