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Unique Holiday Ideas For 2020

The start of a new year is always a good opportunity to start planning for your next holiday. With the excitement of Christmas fading, the poor weather and not much happening, many people start to think ahead about how they can enjoy themselves in the coming year with a good holiday. Additionally, the earlier that you start planning, the better and more affordable the trip can be.

If you are thinking about a unique and exciting vacation for 2020, then there are lots of great options to consider for every type of traveller – here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Norway

Norway is an amazing part of the world and somewhere that not many people get to experience which is a real shame because it is so beautiful. This Scandinavian country boasts deep coastal fjords, dramatic mountains and imposing glaciers and also has many charming and cultural towns and cities, including the capital city of Oslo. Not only this, but Norway is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights – a great way to start the new decade!

  • InterRailing Through Europe

Europe is filled with cultural, historic, beautiful and fun cities throughout the continent and an InterRailing experience is a brilliant way to travel and tick of multiple cities in one trip as well as see all the spaces between the major destinations. You can easily travel throughout Europe by train and this in itself can be a fun, unique and social way to travel.

  • Canary Island & Madeira Cruises

A cruise is a unique way to travel because it provides the excitement of a backpacking trip where you can tick of multiple places but you also get to enjoy luxury facilities and the feeling of being out at sea. Madeira and Canary Island cruises are a great option that allows you to explore this beautiful part of the world which has a fantastic climate and a handful of stunning islands, each of which has its own unique personality and highlights.

  • Mexico

Mexico is a brilliant destination for a sunny holiday and ideal for those looking for sun, sea, and sand along with great food, cultural cities and friendly locals. Whether this a trip with your partner, family, friends or even by yourself, Mexico is a great choice and somewhere that many people instantly fall in love with.

  • Japan

Japan is a country that often appears on people’s bucket lists and 2020 is the perfect time to tick this special place off of that list, particularly as it will be hosting the Summer Olympics which will certainly add to the magic. Japan is an interesting destination because you will be blown away by the technology and futuristic feel of Tokyo but you are also surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty away from the major cities which means that you get the best of both worlds here. These are a few unique holiday ideas to consider for 2020 which should make this a year to remember. Starting planning now is a smart move because it will allow you to plan the best possible trip and you could even make big savings by making early bookings.