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Updated Road Rules You Should Know


When it comes to driving, it is inevitable for everyone to follow the new and updated road laws. The government and relevant road authorities keep updating the rules for better road safety and protection of the drivers as well as passenger. In case you don’t know the updated rules, you can be in serious trouble. In this post we will cover the latest changes and improvements to the road laws that everyone should know. Details like MOT test rules, categories of tests, and new additional items will be covered in the next sections.

MOT Test

Drivers should know if they have a car older than 3 years, they will need an MTO test after every year. It is a legal requirement and you cannot escape it. The purpose of the annual MOT test is to check the fitness of your car for the road and make sure the passengers travel in safe vehicles.

MOT Categories

There are five basic categories of MOT test which are mentioned below.

  • DANGEROUS: If your car falls in this category, you will not be allowed to drive it until the issues are repaired and fixed. This category includes the immediate risks that can harm drivers and passenger.
  • MAJOR: The vehicles falling in this category have a failed MOT test. This shows the car has a major issue that can risk the safety of others on the road.
  • MINOR: If you fall in this category, your MOT test is passed. But you are advised to fix the issues as soon as possible before it can lead to any risks.
  • ADVISORY: This category shows your MOT test as passed. But the drivers are warned to stay alert to avoid issues in future.
  • PASS: Any vehicle in category is passed and fulfils all the minimum standards.

New Items Added

There are a few new items added to the MOT test which are as follows:

  • Checking tires if they are underinflated
  • Seeing if the brake fluid is contaminated
  • Any leaks that can be dangerous for environment
  • Brake pads or disk missing

It is also important to note that before 2018 driving on motorway during practice was not allowed. However, now the drivers on practice have permission to drive on motorways as long as their trainer is sitting with them. It is not mandatory but a volunteer permission and depends on the instructor.

Independent Driving

There is an independent driving test for the people learning to drive. In the previous years, it was for 10 minutes. But now the drivers are supposed to take a 20-minute independent test without any assistance of the trainer. The test includes no turn-by-turn directions.

Graduated Driving License Instructions

Motorists were given licenses when they passed the tests. But now some changes have been made with inclusion of restrictions like the followings:

  • Limit on the number of passengers a driver can include
  • Lower speed limit as compared to the other drivers
  • Restrictions on how powerful their cars can be
  • And lower alcohol limits for the new drivers

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