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Valuable Lessons Learned from Some Travel Bloggers and Vloggers

They say travel is one of the greatest teachers of this world and I tend to agree. You can a learn whole lot from merely even traveling within your own country, but some of the most valuable lessons from traveling are those which come with a passport stamp from someplace that’s totally different to the local environment you’ve become accustomed to.

On my travels I’ve learned a lot myself by way of what I can refer to as first-hand experience, both from the actual trip itself and from interacting with fellow travelers and locals. However, between trips I’m just as curious about some places other people travel to – places which I either plan to visit myself or just places which I never imagined I would ever have an interest in visiting. That’s why I follow many fellow travel bloggers as well as those who have sought to take it a step further and vlog.

I’ve extracted some valuable lessons from merely keeping an eye on the content shared by these travel bloggers and vloggers.

Things are not always what they seem

When I happen to meet some bloggers in person, it’s not uncommon for them to only share the best parts of their trip. We’d be sharing a dormitory room for the majority of the time that we’re both at a specific destination, but the blogger/vlogger then only shares filtered pictures of a more lavish hotel or resort they probably only spent one or two nights in. So things are not always what they seem.

You’re probably paying too much

Travel bloggers and vloggers produce interesting content because of some of the value they offer, such as how they might have a particular knack for uncovering great deals on flights and accommodation. When the average traveler books a trip they’re probably paying way too much, because they don’t quite have the time or know-how to hunt the many bargains available.

We live in a dynamic world

Two different vloggers or bloggers could visit the exact same place and have totally different experiences of that place, as a result of being two different kinds of travelers who just experience places differently, or it could be as a result of just how dynamic our world is, changing quite rapidly. Visit Phuket in Thailand at different times of the year, for instance, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Good intentions sometimes aren’t enough

There’s one specific vlogger form Canada, whose name I won’t mention (he’s famous enough), whose health situation teaches us that good intentions are not always enough – they don’t always yield favorable results. So this guy would eventually go on to act on the advice of a Sandusky personal injury attorney that he could qualify for a free operation in the United Sates, to remove the hernia mesh that’s now been classified as a dangerous medical device.

Back when he had it inserted, he was probably only going on some well-meaning, genuine medical advice, but those good intentions have since worked out negatively.