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Visiting Malaga as a Digital Nomad

The world of work has seen some dramatic changes over the last decade. Now that it’s more than possible to work from anywhere, more people than ever are taking the opportunity to do just that. Being a digital nomad means having the freedom that traditional work roles deemed impossible. Now that employees and freelancers can work from just about anywhere on the planet with an internet connection and a laptop, it’s no surprise that becoming a digital nomad is more popular than ever. One of the most popular destinations for those nomads is Malaga. Idyllic scenery and enough coffee shops to ensure you never run out of wifi are just two of the reasons why the city of Malaga in the Costa Del Sol is so popular.

Where to Stay

While many digital nomads traverse the globe in a vehicle that they can travel, sleep, and cook in, it’s just as popular to bounce from hotel to hostel to Airbnb. One of the reasons why Malaga is becoming such a popular destination for digital nomads is because of the wide range of accommodation options. Just as luxurious as it is affordable, head to the Soho area to find the best bargains. Be wary of extra charges that you’ll have to pay before you hand back the keys at the end of your stay. Hostels can usually be the best option if the cost is a worry, and you’ll avoid those unexpected fees as well.

Where to Work

When it comes to working in Malaga, you can get straight to business armed with nothing more than your laptop and a map. Head to one of the cafes or coffee shops in the centre of the city and you’ll have all of the wifi and snacks that you’ll ever need. Be aware that some cafes do not let you use their power outlets, so check before you start plugging yourself in. You’ll also find the usual suspects like Starbucks and Costa if you’re looking for something recognizable. There are also co-working office spaces, with the best one definitely being The Living Room. It is highly recommended that you book a desk here for however long you spend in Malaga.


The best thing about being a digital nomad is that once you’re done with work you’re already on holiday. That means it’s worth giving some thought to getting out and about in Malaga. Bike tours of Malaga itself are very popular, but you should also consider going a little further out. Look at an affordable car rental in Malaga and you suddenly have the freedom to go and check out nearby Madrid. A little further up the coast is Gibraltar, with a never-ending number of stunning beaches throughout the drive. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even drive to Algeciras and jump on the ferry for a day or two to North Africa.

There are many reasons why being a digital nomad is growing so quickly in popularity. If your job means that you can work from anywhere, why stick to the home office or the living room? Get out into the world, and make sure that Malaga is near the top of destinations that you should be working and playing in.