What are the prime boutique serviced apartment locations to visit in 2020?

With the rise of online booking platforms, many are opting for less traditional styles of accommodation for their holidays and city breaks, opting in many cases for boutique serviced apartments over luxury hotels. This trend has not just been in the UK however, here are some of the prime locations to visit around the UK for your next boutique serviced apartment stay.

  • Bristol

For years Bristol has often been touted as one of the best cities to visit in the south-west of England. The buzzing nightlife and rich historical heritage of the city means it attracts thousands of visitors every month. To meet this high demand there is also a wide range of boutique serviced apartments to stay in. Up-market areas like Clifton and central suburbs like Redcliffe have plenty of places to stay in. 

  • Berlin

The German capital has been a hot tourist destination for decades with the central European city drawing visitors from all over the continent. Famous tourist locations like the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag Building are great places to visit if you haven’t been before.

Accommodation in Berlin is as diverse as the city is, with plenty of hostels, hotels and serviced apartments meeting the demand from tourists. We recommend finding a boutique serviced apartment that is centrally located as this will give you the best chance to see as much as you can during your 2020 city break.

  • Paris

Paris has a number of the world’s most famous tourist’s landmarks in the arc de triumph and the Eiffel Tower. In addition to physical landmarks, a boutique serviced apartment stay within the French capital also offers you amazing potential experiences in terms of food, drink and entertainment. Boutique apartment’s slightly further out of the city centre will offer you more room to relax and really enjoy your stay in the city.

  • London

London remains one of the most popular cities to visit and move to by both tourist and migrant workers. This is also one of the most expensive cities to visit and live in Europe, so we recommend if you are planning a trip here that you go all out in terms of the cost and budget. A boutique serviced apartment will give you access to luxury bathrooms and beds to make your stay extra special.

Online reviews will show you the best boutique serviced apartments

No matter what city you, there are always hidden gems. For example, the apartment cleaning Chicago provides is an incredible standard. choose to stay in finding the right accommodation is crucial to getting the best stay possible. Have a look at online reviews to try and get an idea of whether you are looking at a quality serviced apartment or a poor one.