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What are the pros and cons of the 2 most popular paper bag printing methods?

When paper bags were first invented businesses were very limited in the ways they could brand the product, however, fast forward to the 21st century and a wide variety of manufacturing and printing techniques mean that stores can now print product images, logos, and other forms of branding onto their paper bags. Finding the best option for your paper bag printing will increase the chances of you getting a finish that your customers will love.

  • Screen printing

Screen printing is a popular technique that is used for both paper bag manufacturing and jute and cotton products. This method is popular due to the versatility of the process, both in terms of the printing press and the dye options available. A good point about screen printing is the authentic image it creates, however it is quite limited in terms of the colours that can be used with only 4 options being available for every print.

  • Digital printing

Digital printing is one of the more modern methods used for printing on paper bags. The process involves taking digital images which can take the form of a JPEG, PDF or image file and uploading them to the printer. The design is then printed onto the paper bags in a similar way to a standard commercial office printer.

The option for a digital design to be uploaded gives the designer greater flexibility in terms of the colours and patterns they can use, however many feel that the design on digitally printed paper bags does not ‘pop’ as much as the vibrant colours on screen printed paper bags.

If you choose to go digital for your business requirements, you can either get a printing machine installed at your workspace or get it outsourced. Making web searches like digital prints london (or the area your business is located in) would land you up on the pages of various service providers in digital printing. You can simply shortlist one based on your budget and preference.

Find a paper bag supplier who will recommend the best option for your business

This is not a comprehensive list of the printing options you have when it comes to paper bags, however, they do cover some of the most popular choices many businesses go for.

The best printing method will depend on a number of factors including the type of bag you are using and the design you are looking to print. A good paper bag supplier will guide you through the whole process and provide you with recommendations on what the best combination of bag and printing method is for what you are looking for.