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What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism describes medical procedures undertaken by individuals outside of their own country, usually because of the expense of medical care or the quality of treatment offered. Medical Tourism tends to occur in the poorest and most difficult to access areas of the world. The likes of are used to make the operations of the facilities more affordable, with those savings passed on to the medical tourist coming in. There are different levels of medical tourism. Most of these are fairly benign procedures that can be delivered relatively cost effectively. However, in some instances medical tourists have their treatment paid for by wealthy families from the middle-east and Europe. More extreme cases can require complex surgeries that might not be suitable for many people.

All medical tourism involves the private health insurance paying the health care provider for procedures or treatments that have not been paid for by the patient. The patient pays for the flights, accommodation, food, and sometimes the care packages they have to take. Some medical tourists choose to stay and complete the treatment as part of their medical tourism experience and complete an accredited program or diploma. Click here to learn just how comparable the price of medical tourism can be to basic services of everyday life, like property upkeep.

Medical tourism has taken on a new lease of life in the pandemic too. People are now crossing borders just to access better PPE and experimental drug treatments. The vaccine rollout in many countries has also led to those in areas where vaccines are in short supply traveling to find better access. Even basic medical equipment is in short supply where coronavirus cases have sky-rocketed. If you’re in an area that’s struggling for supplies, take a look at these stirrers and other medical items that are available to buy online. Hopefully, as the Covax scheme is rolled out, fewer people will need to travel to protect themselves and their loved ones.

What Kinds of Medical Treatments Are Accepted in Medical Tourism?



Cosmetic Surgery



Anal Pregnancy Testing

Obstetric Ultrasound

Electromagnetic Therapy

Gastric Bypass

Spinal Surgery

Radiofrequency Ablation

Pulmonary Endoscopy

Radiation Therapy

Steroid Therapy



Ultrasound Therapy

…and many, many more…

Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

There are hundreds of medical tourism destinations. One of the most popular ones is Thailand.

Thailand has an extremely good medical infrastructure. Thailand provides access to state of the art clinics, medical equipment and medical staff. The majority of these services are run by private medical care providers. Thailand has become the medical destination of choice for hundreds of thousands of foreigners seeking medical care.

Other popular medical destinations include Portugal, Taiwan, India, India, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, the US, and several other countries.

Some medical facilities do not accept medical tourists. Some have one set of rules for medical tourists, and another for regular patients.

What About Insurance?

Doctors and hospitals who accept medical tourists often require a medical insurance policy. The insurance policy must cover all medical costs, emergency care, and repatriation to the patient’s own country.

However, not all medical insurance policies are comprehensive. Healthcare providers often will require that health insurance policies pay only for medical costs not covered by the insurance policy. For example, if a health insurance policy pays for everything but has a few thousands dollars to pay for emergency care, most private health care providers will refuse to take health insurance policy clients.

In many cases, health insurance policies will only cover healthcare that is provided in the country where they are bought.

In other cases, the insurance policy will cover certain treatments for specific conditions in the country. However, certain treatments are not covered. For example, some health insurance policies have provisions for health insurance coverage in Thailand and other countries, but not for health insurance coverage in the US.

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