Hotels and Accommodations

What is the Best Accommodation Bristol has to offer?

When you’re traveling, or just looking to get away from home for a night or two, one thing will trump nearly every other factor you have to consider; what type of accommodation is available and how comfortable will it be?


In Bristol, you have a lot of accommodation options. After all, it’s a bustling cityscape with tons to do and a large tourism economy. Which option’s best, though?


Well, we’re going to go over the three options that make the most sense for temporary visitors looking to stay for anywhere from one night to a full year. This can be for vacation, visiting the city overnight, or even for long-term business purposes.


Let’s get started and find the best accommodation in Bristol.




Hotels are a decent, cost-effective option for a one or two-night stay. Especially if you don’t pick anything too high-end.


In a hotel, you get a bed or two depending on the size of the room you book, a small bathroom with a walk-in shower, toilet, and sink, and usually, a small “kitchen” with a microwave and mini-fridge. No, it’s not ideal for long-term stays, and yes, it can be very cramped if you have multiple people with you, but for a night or two, it’s not too big of a problem. Especially if you plan on spending most of your time in Bristol out seeing the sights.


However, those limitations tend to become extremely obvious the longer you stay, and most hotels simply won’t accommodate stays longer than a week. Their job is to keep people coming and going to maximize their profits.


So, if you have a group you’re traveling with, or you need something more long-term for a business trip, a hotel is not the ideal choice for you.




If you want an at-home experience for the long term, an apartment can be a good choice. You can rent a flat for a reasonable monthly fee, and you’ll get everything you’d expect from a proper home in a slightly scaled-down manner.


However, there is a HUGE caveat.


You have to lease an apartment. You don’t do this for a weekend in Bristol, or even for a six-month business trip. A lease often lasts for a year, two years, or even longer. If you break that lease, you can be charged a considerable amount of money that offsets any monthly savings you got. So, imagine thinking you’d be in Bristol to set up a new corporate branch for two years, but the project falls through after six months. You would still be on the hook for the lease for a year and a half.


If it’s a good reason, an apartment lease can be a good deal. However, you have to be certain you’ll be there for the long term.


Serviced Apartments:


Serviced apartments are easily the best accommodation in Bristol. These are full-blown luxury apartments just like the ones you can lease for a year or two, but they’re run like a hotel.


So, if you need to keep the family in Bristol overnight, you can pay a nightly fee. If you are going to be in Bristol for a few months for business, you can pay by the night, week, or at a special rate depending on the renter. If you need to go early, there are no consequences, and you can always extend your stay.


For most purposes, a serviced apartment should be your go-to accommodation in Bristol.