What’s the secret meaning of your dreams? – Shakuntali Siberia reveals

Some people believe that dreams have no connection with real life, and they are just the mix of the events of the day and our emotions. Meanwhile, dreams can tell us a lot about our true selves and even give us a clue about our future. Our task is just to learn how to understand our dreams.

Shakuntali Siberia can show you how to do that with the help of spiritual symbols.

Who is Shakuntali Siberia?

Shakuntali Siberia is an Enlightened woman. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. The students of Shakuntali Siberia hang on her every word as she is the keeper of ancient wisdom.


The dreams are often connected with houses – you are in the empty house, or you return to your childhood house, for example. In this case, it is important in what part of the house you are in your dream. For example, if your dream is about your being in the kitchen, it may mean some affairs of your heart.

Each room in the house you see in your dream means the distinct stage of your spiritual development. During her courses or individual sessions, Sakuntali Siberia explains the detailed meaning of your dreams, and this helps her students to choose the right path in their lives.

Weather issues

The weather conditions in your dream may also indicate something in your life that needs attention. For example, gathering negative energy around you may be specified in your dream by the rainy or cloudy weather. The task of this dream may be to inspire you to cleanse your house from the negative energy by the herbs and aroma oils. Sage can be the best solution in this case. Shakuntali Siberia shows the exact cleansing practices to her students during her seminars.

On the contrary, the bright sunny weather in your dream may indicate that you are strong as never before, and this is the right time to do something you postponed for a long time.

People in your dreams

Different people entering your dreams mean different things, and the best way is to come to Shakuntali Siberia to the individual session to sort it all out. On the whole, if you see somebody you know, it may be a hint to the name of the person only, not his/her actual being. 

If you do not know the person you see in your dream, he/she might be sent there to help you to get through something important in your life.


Shakuntali Siberia teaches that forests mean diametrically opposed things depending on the contest of the dream. But one thing is for sure: if you see the forest in the troubled dream, it may reveal you are confused, lost your path and do not know where to go.

On the subconscious level, forests often are associated with getting lost, fear and powerlessness.

Find your own meaning

All listed above is what Shakuntali Siberia reveals about dreams in general. But of course, we all have our different life circumstances, emotions, events of our past. The precise interpretation of your dreams is possible during the individual approach only. Visit and sign up for the individual session with Shakuntali Siberia. The session that will help you to live more consciously and manage your life.