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When is the Best Time to Visit Barbados?

Barbados is an exceptionally beautiful part of the world that offers every visitor the opportunity to enjoy a vacation to remember. From the exquisite barbados homes for rent to the stunning beaches and tropical climate, this island is one of the world’s most-loved vacation destinations.

But when is the best time to visit Barbados, and when does the rainy season hit? When are the beaches quiet, and when is the best time to mess around on the water? we’re going to look at this now so you’re more likely to visit the area when the weather is just right:

The Dry Season

The dry season hits Barbados from December through ‘til April. This is when temperatures tend to be at their hottest. Visitors from all over the world escape the winter months by coming to Barbados and enjoying a bit of heat, the blue skies, and of course, the sunshine. If this gets your spirits up you may want to take a look at Exceptional Villas to see what type of luxury Barbados villas are out there for when you soak up the sun.

If you happen to be visiting Barbados when the tourist season is at its busiest you may want to take a trip to Sandy Lane which is located on the west of the island. Many well-known faces like to head to this part of the island after the Christmas holidays, and you may be lucky enough to spot someone you recognize. Please note that the month of December does tend to be very busy, so if you don’t mind being surrounded by many other tourists you should visit this time of the year.

If you’re looking for Things to do in Barbados, then there’s a litany of activities available. For a fan of water sports, Barbados during the dry season provides the chance to enjoy a spot of jet-skiing or even a cruise or two on a catamaran. Messing about on the water is likely to be quite appealing, especially if the sun is beating down. Temperatures during the month of December and through until April can get as high as 29 degrees Celsius, so you may find that getting wet is a bit of a relief.

Please make sure that you have enough suntan lotion with you at all times, and don’t forget to re-apply it when you come out of the water.

The Rainy Season

The rainy season descends on Barbados in June and carries on until November. However, the good news is that when it rains in this country the showers are short ones and they never seem to last all day. The rain tends to hit the island during the mid-afternoon, which allows many-a-visitor to rush inside and enjoy a quick nap before heading out once the rains have stopped.

Please note you may also be rained on as you make your way to a restaurant in the early evening, but do not worry, the showers will not be that heavy.

Some holidaymakers even enjoy the rains and find it a welcome relief from all of that hot and humid weather. Temperatures can be as high as 31 degrees Celsius at this time of year which may be a little too hot for some. When the rains do come, they cool the island down a little, and many people can be seen standing out in them, enjoying the cool rain hit their hot skin. Bliss!

Please note that the month of October sees more rain than any other time of the year. This is because October is the height of the wet season, however, it shouldn’t put you off visiting Barbados. There are very rarely any serious storms this time of year, which is reassuring, but it’s also good to know that prices tend to be lower around this time of the year so you should expect slightly cheaper accommodation and food.

The Hurricane Season

In Barbados, the hurricane season officially begins in June and ends 4 months later in October. However, during the months of September and October, the island is more likely to experience a few hurricanes. Hurricanes are more predominant this time of year as the sea’s temperature tends to be a lot higher than they are at any other time. However, there is often very little cause for concern as Barbados tends to see more storms and high winds during the hurricane season than anything else.

Barbados at its Quietest

If you would like to visit Barbados when the crowds of tourists have gone home, then you need to come to Barbados sometime between June and August. Although not every tourist attraction will be open during June and July, there will still be plenty to do, so get ready to have a lot of fun. One of the benefits of visiting the area during these months is that the beaches will on occasion be quite empty. Imagine, you’ll have the chance to stroll along those white sandy beaches virtually uninterrupted, now that is really something special.

Barbados is an exceptionally beautiful island that attracts millions of tourists every year. With picture-perfect beaches, delicious food, and a vibrant history, it’s no wonder people flock to this part of the world. Whether you plan to visit Barbados during the busy dry season, or you’re looking to come to the island when the rain hits and the beaches are quieter, you can be sure that you’ll have one of the best vacations ever. So start packing your suitcase, have your passport at the ready and come to Barbados for a vacation of a lifetime.