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Where should you go for a luxury serviced apartment getaway this autumn?

The summer may be in its final months, but the Great British countryside offers many coastal and inland retreats that can be enjoyed in both the summer and cold winter months.

There is no magic formula to the perfect getaway, but if there was it would probably look something like this. First, you need a good location that you are going to be able to enjoy when you go out sightseeing. Once you’ve decided on that, you need great company, people who you are going to enjoy your trip with.

After you’ve got these two fundamentals, you need the perfect luxury serviced accommodation. Today we have a quick look at 4 great areas of the country that can be visited from the comfort of some of the best luxury serviced apartments.

  1. The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds comprises an area of outstanding natural beauty in the southern part of central England. This is a great place to visit if you love quaint villages and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Castle Combe is one of the more famous villages in this part of the country; it and the other villages in the Cotswolds are home to plenty of luxury serviced apartments that cater to a variety of different size parties and budgets.

  1. The Scottish Highlands

Clinching the second spot on our list, the Scottish Highlands is a great escape if you are looking for rural peace and tranquillity, away from the larger cities and towns located in Scotland. The famous landscapes of this area provide great opportunities for hiking and exploring, and there are also some great rural luxury serviced apartments that provide you with a warm place to stay after you have spent a full day exploring.

  1. The English riviera

If you are looking for a good escape over august and September, some of the towns and cities located on the southern coast of the UK provide great opportunities for beach days and long seaside strolls as the summer comes to an end. Areas like Lyme Regis, Bournemouth and Brighton all have their own unique luxury serviced apartment styles, making it easy to pick the perfect option for your trip.

  1. The Lake District

The Lake District is located towards the North West of England in Cumbria. This national park is famous for its rolling hills and wide-open lakes, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. The ease of accessible roads means you can pick a luxury serviced apartment in one of the more built-up areas of the north-west and travel there whenever best suits you.

Find luxury accommodation that will help you relax on your stay

These are just four of the outstanding areas of natural beauty in the UK, and they are all within easy access of some great luxury serviced apartments that will give you the best of the indoors and outdoors on your break. Remember, so long as you prioritise the location, people and apartment for your adventure, you should be on to a winner.