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White Water Rafting Excursions in Colorado

The 17-mile run begins ends at Cisco, UT’s Boat Ramp as an appetizer for the most famous stretch of the Colorado River heading toward the Grand Canyon. Access to the 1.7-mile stretch of narrow black granite gorge is limited to those who protect the river and preserve solitude in the rafters of its ancient sandstone towers.

It gets noisy and restless as soon as you reach pretty much any of the rapids mentioned, which have doozies, funnels and falls of class III and IV (sock it to me for a last chance). Be sure to keep your eyes on rapids where you could see trout swimming in the river. For even more challenges, Clear Creek Canyon is close enough to Golden to host Class III / V rapids.

A full-day rafting trip through Browns Canyon should include lunch by the river before you leave.

Some of the best white water rafting Colorado offers exists as those tours last between 2 hours and 2 days and are suitable for groups and families of different ages and abilities. Take the time to evaluate various whitewater rafting tours in Colorado.

This adventure allows you to combine your love of camping with your newfound hobby of planning rafting trips.

Colorado offers whitewater rafting adventure experiences on all levels, from scenic rafting rides where you can observe wildlife, sit back, and listen to nature, to heart-pounding whitewater rapids, crashing waves, and vigorous paddling. In addition to rafting, you can also participate in a tubing experience on the river. To do this, you can contact a vail tubing rental service (or a similar company in Colorado) to get the necessary number of tubes. However, you may need to be slightly more cautious when tubing on a turbulent river and, if possible, try to find an area with calmer waves.

In most cases, the groundbreaking white water experience for outdoor enthusiasts, a rafting trip on the Colorado River, has it all. The Upper Colorado River is situated at the headwaters of the Colorado River in the Rocky Mountain National Park and is ideal for those who want beautiful canyons and unintimidating white water. With more rapids per mile than any other Colorado river, Clear Creek offers world-class rafting and is just 45 minutes from downtown Denver.

Whitewater rafting on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon gives you the opportunity to be in one of the most breathtaking places in the world, known as the Grand Canyon of Colorado River. On these excursions you will experience world-class whitewater rafting, spend the night on the Grand Canyon’s sandy beach, explore winding side canyons, waterfalls and views of ancient ruins. Call us at 800-343-3121 to learn more about our Grand Canyon rafting tour.

Rafting on the Colorado River offers the world an exciting river vacation. Rafting trips on the Yampa River are relaxing multi-day lazy swimmers that provide the perfect peaceful retreat from visiting the Yampa Canyon. In Vernal, UT, a popular city near the Dinosaur National Monument, many overnight travelers take the shuttle.

Y’all who feel adventurous and want to experience Colorado’s best, combine it with an overnight rafting trip and head down the lower Box Piedra River the next day. Warm up on the upper piedras and spend the day on the lower river.

The Rafting in Colorado Springs trip is highly recommended for adventurers in good physical condition and prepared for continuous rapids and aggressive paddling. A full day on the Browns Canyon River Rafting in Colorado Springs will certainly not disappoint.