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Why Buy in Vancouver?

Real estate in Vancouver is some of the most highly sought after in all of Canada. What makes the city such a high-water mark for prized property?

Well, to start with, the cost of real estate in Vancouver is not as expensive as in some other metropolitan cities around the world. This means that it is easier for buyers to get on the property ladder, and get an affordable mortgage. Even if they don’t go by the traditional means, an Alternative Called Simon Conn or a similar expert can help buyers with the mortgage process and securing a property in the city. Besides that, there is the cultural and social side of Vancouver that makes it perfect for people in their 20s and 30s looking to settle down and start a good life.

There are many Vancouver best places to visit such as Stanley Park, Granville Island Public Market, Grouse Mountain Skyride, The Capilano Suspension Bridge, Lighthouse Park and Lynn Canyon Park.

Read on and find out why homeownership in Vancouver has become such a hot commodity.

It’s close to the U.S. border

This might seem trivial, but being situated so close to the U.S. border means people living in Vancouver can enjoy the best of both Canada and America. This is especially good for those with family or friends in the States, as it makes it all the easier to visit them regularly.

Its quality of life is top rated

A ranking by global consulting firm Mercer put Vancouver at number three on the list of cities with the best quality of life. Not just in North America, but anywhere. It’s actually the only city on the entire North American continent to make the list, with only Zurich, Switzerland, and Vienna, Austria, rating higher.

Its scenery is spectacular

Surrounded on all sides by some of the country’s most impressive nature views, Vancouver represents an ideal blend of metropolitan living and scenic landscapes. On one side, there are the towering Rocky Mountains. On the other, the vast Pacific Ocean. Just outside the city limits, the vaunted Sea to Sky Corridor offers a whole road trip’s worth of sights, while inside the city, Stanley Park features more than 1000 acres of old growth wilderness.

Its population is very diverse

Not only is Vancouver the third most populous city in Canada, it’s also one of the most diverse. Its nearly 700,000-strong population is composed of members of more than 200 different ethnic groups, with a majority of Vancouver residents speaking at least two languages.

It has a mild climate for Canada

Canada may be known as “the Great White North,” but Vancouver has one of the country’s least frigid, most temperate climates. In the winter, temperatures average between 4 and 7 degrees Celsius, seeing very little snowfall. Meanwhile in the summer, temperatures average between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius, with very little humidity.

Its schools are among the best

Home to several highly ranked schools, Vancouver’s educational opportunities are especially attractive for anyone looking to raise a family. In addition to its well-regarded public school system, Vancouver boasts nearly a dozen prestigious private schools and several renowned colleges, including the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Its city planning is outstandingFrequently cited as one of the most livable cities in the world, Vancouver has achieved a rare balance of form and function by emphasizing environmentally friendly living, upgrading public transit systems, and crafting an eye-pleasing skyline. This approach, which has allowed the city to make the most out of every inch of land while still retaining a mix of beauty, comfort, cleanliness, and sustainability, has even coined its own movement: Vancouverism.