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Why choose accommodation in Bristol?

Whether you’re thinking of a quick staycation or looking for longer term options there are many reasons to look at accommodation in Bristol. The exciting location was voted the best city to live in Britain by the Sunday Times in 2017 and that is only just the beginning!

Bristol is a magnet for students and young professionals due to its top-tier universities and diverse job market. It’s recognized for innovation, especially in the tech sector, earning the moniker “Silicon Gorge.” The city’s cultural richness, art scene, and high quality of life further entice individuals. Additionally, Bristol’s inclusive community and abundant networking opportunities make it an ideal place for educational and career pursuits, contributing to its allure for the younger demographic seeking a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle.

Bristol boasts exceptional educational opportunities, being home to prestigious universities such as the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). It also offers a diverse and thriving job market, particularly in sectors like aerospace, engineering, digital technology, finance, and creative industries. Young professionals are attracted to the city for its career prospects and job opportunities in various fields.

Bristol’s appeal to students and young professionals is driven by its educational institutions, diverse job market, innovative tech sector, cultural richness, quality of life, inclusive community, and networking opportunities. These factors collectively make it an attractive destination for both educational pursuits and professional advancement. There’s always an influx of youngsters moving to Bristol for university or career prospects, increasing its appeal as a youngster’s paradise. Because of this, there will also be a higher demand for rental properties. If you’re a landlord looking to find tenants, a specialist letting agency can advertise your property and increase the interest in your accommodation.

Clearly there are many things to love about Bristol and a number of reasons that people choose to live in the city, so what makes it great for accommodation?




Staying in accommodation in Bristol means that you are going to be well connected, there are many forms of public transport to use such as bus, train, park and ride and even the harbour ferry. If you’re travelling by car there are also many car parks in the city centre including a number of large multistories. Bristol is also easy to access other neighbouring cities such as Bath and London is only around 2 hours away by car and can be even quicker by train, there is also an airport for trips further afield.


Retail Paradise


If you are prone to needing a little bit of retail therapy every now and again, then choosing accomodation in Bristol is going to be ideal. Aside from the famous Cabots Circus, where you can shop until you drop in the 120 highstreet and designer shops, there is also Cribbs Causeway and Broadmead. Along the Harbourside there is also an abundance of restaurants, bars and shops along the waterfront and in Wapping Wharf.


Festivals and events


Whether you are planning a long or short stay in Bristol accommodation you will soon come to learn that the events calendar of this city is jam packed with events to interest everybody. From art, music, beer to Shakespeare, there is something for everyone. One of the most unique and renowned events is the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, this is Europe’s largest gathering of hot air balloons and sees over 100 of them take off from Ashton Court Estate. This is a completely free event and there is plenty to see throughout the day and night.


Arts Culture


If you are looking for accommodation in an artsy area then Bristol is perfect, the city has one of the best and diverse art and culture scenes in the UK. Two key aspects of Bristol’s art scene come from the underground music and street art parts; there are around 11 confirmed Banksy locations within the city as one of its many claims to fame. In Bristol there are also many venues and theatres where you can watch a variety of shows, including the Bristol Old Vic which is thought to be the oldest continuously operating theatre in the English-speaking world at around 250 years old.



There are a number of reasons to look for accommodation in Bristol, as mentioned above there are great transport links to help you get around not only in the city but also for travelling outside. Aside from this there is always plenty going on, whether you enjoy going to festivals, visiting restaurants and theatres or shopping there is always something to keep you busy.