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Why Consider Acrylic False Teeth Instead of Porcelain?

You might think that all modern dentures are fitted with false teeth made of the same material, but that isn’t the case. You may be given the opportunity to choose between porcelain and acrylic. And in the absence of proper understanding, you may not be able to make the right decision.

Both of them happen to be a great choice. And it is most likely that if your treatment is scheduled with a reputed orthodontist, such as those available at Dickerson Orthodontics, he will inform you about the pros and cons of each one in detail. But, having a little understanding prior to visiting the dentist will only do good.

That being the case, here are just a few good reasons why we think acrylic is the right choice.

Quieter Chewing

One thing people don’t often know about porcelain false teeth is that they can be quite noisy. When one porcelain tooth meets another, a clicking sound is produced. This can be embarrassing if you’re eating out, but it’s a problem you can avoid altogether by choosing acrylic false teeth.

Less Wear

If you’re having a complete set of dentures made, go ahead and skip to the next point. If you’re having a partial denture fitted, you should ensure the teeth are made from acrylic. The false teeth of a partial denture will rub against natural teeth you have left. Porcelain, being harder, causes excessive wear, grinding away tooth enamel and potentially causing fractures.

Reduced Costs

The price of dental implant work is largely dependent on the material used. Porcelain false teeth are far more expensive than acrylic ones and they also require more specialized care and adjustment. If you are on a budget, you can simply cut your costs by opting for acrylic over porcelain. The material itself isn’t as expensive and is also significantly easier to adjust and trim than porcelain false teeth. If you know an Ortodoncista (Orthodontist), then you should discuss with them and figure out which kind of false teeth work best for you.

More Durable

People will tell you that porcelain false teeth are harder than acrylic false teeth. This is true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that porcelain false teeth are more durable. Porcelain is a very hard material, but it is also relatively brittle. As such, porcelain false teeth are more likely to crack, chip, or otherwise fracture.

Less Pressure

You place pressure on your dentures when you chew. That pressure is transferred to the supporting bone just beneath. Porcelain is heavier than acrylic, and it doesn’t absorb as much of that pressure. This is problematic since it can lead to excessive bone loss around the area. Bone loss is always going to be an issue with dentures, but you can slow it down by opting for acrylic false teeth – they are much lighter, so they don’t accelerate bone loss as dramatically.