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Why should you invest in a custom recliner chair for your home?

Reduce Chances of falls and injury’s.

Rise and recline chairs offer a lot more support when getting up and sitting down than a standard chair does. This helps those with reduced leg strength who cannot lift themselves up and down from the chair to safely sit down or stand up.

By moving the user up to standing position, this reduces the risk of a fall when trying to get up from the sitting position. Chairs such as the chairs made by Oak Tree Mobility can be custom designed to fit the user’s measurements so that the perfect standing position is acquired to give the user the best and most comfortable transition from sitting to standing (and vice-versa) possible.

The custom aspect of the chair means that every element fits around you and works to keep your posture the best it can be. This reduces back pain and consequently reduces the chance of you suffering an injury.

Customise the design

Another benefit of customising your chair is that you can choose the material, style, and details of your chair. Leather and suede are among the most popular materials that people prefer for their recliner chairs. One thing to keep in mind with these materials is that they are not easy to clean. Although they do not need to be cleaned daily (a simple dusting should do), they should be professionally cleaned at regular intervals. You could find plenty of upholstery cleaning services here and in other places on the internet. However, when maintained properly, customized recliners could have a very long lifespan.

Furthermore, unlike chairs that aren’t tailored to you, customizing your recliner lets you put a touch of yourself in the design and create something you will want to sit in over and over again. You may be surprised to learn how a normal chair can be damaging to your body posture, and can even lead to problems like pain in the neck or back in the long term.

Situations like this often require tending by a doctor or a chiropractor experienced in handling adelaide low back pain conditions. Although solutions are available, trying to prevent such situations is always better. And, a customizable chair can be the best bet in this regard. Also, as mentioned above, the chair is completely designed to fit you.

The mobility company will take your measurements so that they can fit you with the right back height, arm height, seat height, width, and depth to create the perfect chair for you. They will also arrange a home visit to view fabrics and try the sample chair, which makes it extremely convenient and lets you see what you’re buying first-hand.