Why the North Devon Holiday Parks Should be Your Holiday Destination

Holiday vacations aren’t everyday occurrences. You have to earn your holiday time, and even then, you only get so much. So, the average person really tries to maximize how much they can get out of their precious holiday escapes.

That can be pretty overwhelming since your options are almost limitless.

Luckily, there’s a really easy way to make an awesome holiday without getting overwhelmed. You can visit the North Devon holiday parks.

1: One-Stop-Fun


If you plan your holiday around a bunch of different places, you might experience a lot, but you’ll spend most of the time traveling and rushing from place to place.

The North Devon holiday parks fix that.

Each of the 4 parks is packed with activities that range from exciting waterparks to relaxing hiking trails, and they’re all in one place. You don’t have to worry about driving all over Devon and the surrounding area to experience an action-packed holiday.

2: A Variety of Accommodations


Everyone likes to go on holiday differently. For some, only the finest hotel accommodations will do. For others, a camper van is ideal. Still, some just want a simple tent and a bit of nature.

The holiday parks accommodate all of those preferences. If you want, you can book a room with all the finest commodities. You can also book a tent or camper van spot and enjoy a more traditional camping experience. It’s really up to you.

This level of customization really lets you custom-tailor your holiday experience to your liking.

3:  Unique Attractions

The holiday parks have all the traditional activities you’d expect, but they also have some unique attractions.

If you want to go for a quick hike and embrace nature, that’s a possibility that’s not available in a lot of the more urban parts of the region. Better yet, you can do it safely, because even if you’re not familiar with the area, the trails are well-maintained and made with tourists in mind.

You can also go horseback riding. Yes, it’s true. The holiday park resorts accommodate horseback riding to provide a truly unique experience to their guests. This is the perfect way to top off a couple’s vacation, by the way.

Finally, you can enjoy a themed waterpark at each of the different resorts, and since a pass gets you into all four of them, you easily spend four of your vacation days simply exploring the vastly different waterparks.

4: Cost-Effective Fun

When you factor in the petrol costs of traveling to Devon, traveling around Devon to all the places you want to see, and the entry fees/costs of all the different attractions you want to see, going on holiday is an expensive endeavor.

With a holiday park, most of that stuff is included in the price of your pass. You simply need to get there, and then you’ll need to pay for your food and drinks. Access to the vast majority of activities is included, though. This makes it much easier to estimate the true cost of your vacation, and you’ll probably end up spending a lot less than you would otherwise.