I have created theyearsareshort.com as a place to showcase my travel experiences, knowledge and advice.  I want this website to be a community where we can all share our current experiences, as well as previous travel memories, in a bid to help others enjoy the thrill that travelling can offer. Whether you are an experienced and seasonal traveller yourself, or perhaps you are getting ready to set out on your own adventure, this is the place where we can take that exciting journey together!

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I want this extensive travel community to be a place where anybody with a passion on all things travel related can share their thoughts and opinions with like-minded individuals. If you believe you have anything to contribute towards my blog, I would be interested in contributing with you to discuss this in further detail. If you would like to offer others your help, giving guidance on how they can fulfil their travelling dreams, then get in touch with me. Also, if you have a guest post or you want to write for us, then please get in touch. Submitting a guest post can be beneficial to you do give it a go.

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I truly believe we can all learn from each other and create a better world, when we work side by side – rather than on opposing teams. Therefore, I apply the same beliefs to theyearsareshort.com. If you see anything which you feel could be improved on this website, then I would be happy to hear your thoughts. I am striving to make this a website where people who enjoy travelling will want to visit for further inspiration. If there is anything you feel is missing, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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I began monetising this website straight away to generate a small amount of income, which I knew would allow me the creative freedom to express myself and regularly blog about my travelling journey. In building a solid community and gaining a trustworthy reputation as the website of choice for all that is travel related, I can offer advertising spaces to any company that is interested in promoting a few of their products or services on theyearsareshort.com

If you believe that your company would benefit from purchasing advertising space on this website, and you have a relevant product or service which would fit with my intended audience, please contact me using the contact form below to find out more about how we could be of service to one another. This is a rapidly expanding website that would love to have you and your company on board the many exciting adventures that await us!